Let’s show mother nature the love every day, in every way – Boxed Water Is Better

We are all looking forward to a brighter future for the planet. Take a stand against plastic pollution by joining me to drink Boxed Water to encourage and create a Better Planet. Live your best life while reducing your impact on the environment.

69 billion plastic bottles are made every year and only 10% are recycled. The solution? Choose renewable materials and refill. It’s not enough anymore to say you’re recyclable. At Boxed Water, they look at our global impact through their entire product lifecycle and, most importantly, how their plant-based cartons stack up compared to aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

  • Made of 92% renewable materials
  • 100% pure, refreshing water with none of the stuff you don’t need
  • 100% recyclable boxes with no BPAs to keep your water clean
  • 36% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic bottles
  • Boxes shipped flat to the filler to reduce the emissions associated with shipping plastic bottles

Boxed Water product can be recycled just like any other househould product: your milk carton, juice box, or chicken stock. Recycling centers are enhancing their sorting systems every day!