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    Let’s show mother nature the love every day, in every way – Boxed Water Is Better

    We are all looking forward to a brighter future for the planet. Take a stand against plastic pollution by joining me to drink Boxed Water to encourage and create a Better Planet. Live your best life while reducing your impact on the environment.

    69 billion plastic bottles are made every year and only 10% are recycled. The solution? Choose renewable materials and refill. It’s not enough anymore to say you’re recyclable. At Boxed Water, they look at our global impact through their entire product lifecycle and, most importantly, how their plant-based cartons stack up compared to aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

    • Made of 92% renewable materials
    • 100% pure, refreshing water with none of the stuff you don’t need
    • 100% recyclable boxes with no BPAs to keep your water clean
    • 36% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic bottles
    • Boxes shipped flat to the filler to reduce the emissions associated with shipping plastic bottles

    Boxed Water product can be recycled just like any other househould product: your milk carton, juice box, or chicken stock. Recycling centers are enhancing their sorting systems every day!

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    Live your best life while reducing your impact on the environment.

    By 2050, it’s predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than ­fish. That’s unacceptable, so Boxed Water came up with a more sustainable way to package and ship water. Boxed Water is 100% purified water in a 92% plant-based package, a renewable and recyclable resource that is better for the earth than plastic or aluminum.

    Plastic and aluminum are harming our planet at an alarming rate. In fact, 1500 plastic bottles end up in oceans & landfills every single minute and thousands of acres of forests are destroyed every year during aluminum production. Boxed Water Is Better for our planet. The paper-based cartons are FSC certified, 92% renewable, and 100% recyclable, making them the most sustainable carton in the water aisle!

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior or spend most of your days in the wild, Boxed Water is for you. Enjoy nature’s beauty while knowing you’re contributing to its preservation. Bring our 1 liter for hikes to stay hydrated.

    You can also take Boxed Water with you to your favorite ­fitness class or activity. Hydrate while keeping the earth clean. Stock your pantry sustainably. From get together with friends to events and everyday hydration. Education yourself about desktop environmental report and reduce your carbon footprint with Boxed Water.

    Many experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water a day. For glowing skin and a healthy system, make sure you’re hydrating properly. Help take a step towards saving our planet. 100% purified water (no added minerals), 100% recyclable and refillable with some common sense care.

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    Spring comes early as Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber and Grapefruit refreshes and renews Sustainable Beverage Line

    Boxed Water Is Better® Launches Four New Flavors

    Responding to Mounting Consumer Demand

    Boxed Water Is Better® – the leading sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans – announced the launch of its much anticipated flavor line with four naturally and subtly flavored varieties – Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber and Grapefruit – available for purchase now on their website and in stores soon. Crafted with Boxed Water’s award-winning taste and uncompromising purity, the new flavors offer palette-pleasing hydration options, while continuing to feature the 92% plant-based box – the most renewable option in the water aisle.

    “Consumers who support our mission and love our design have passionately called for more flavors almost since our inception, and we are listening,” said Boxed Water CMO, Robert Koenen. “Our flavor launch comes at an exciting time – when consumers are looking for healthy, tasty and eco- friendly options to kick off 2021 and support a better planet. Beyond the ‘new normal’ we are working towards a ‘renewed normal,’ that sets a brighter and higher standard.”

    Purified through an eight-step purification process and UV treated, every Boxed Water™ carton promises a crisp, fresh taste. Boxed Water’s line extension will include:

    • Lemon – a classic flavor with a hint of citrus
    • Blackberry – natural berry sweetness for a change of pace
    • Cucumber – spa-influenced refreshing taste
    • Grapefruit – an energizing way to kick start the day

    Displaying Boxed Water Is Even Better on each carton, the new packaging incorporates vibrant pops of colors with fruit-inspired designs. The new flavors are offered in Boxed Water’s 92 percent plant-based packaging – the highest rate achieved in the industry to date amongst all carton, aluminum and plastic brands.  Even the cap is plant-based, derived from residue waste from FSC-certified sustainably grown trees used for pulp and bioenergy. Every Boxed Water carton is created out of paper sourced from trees in well managed forests, is 100% recyclable and BPA free.

    “Like everything we do at Boxed Water, our core goal with the flavor launch is to support our planet and make sustainability a convenient and accessible choice,” continued Koenen. “Being environmentally conscious can still be a lot of fun, as these boxes and flavors convey.”

    • 100% pure refreshing water free of any contaminants or things you don’t need
    • 100% recyclable, refillable & BPA free
    • 74% of the box is paper made from trees – a renewable resource
    • 64% less carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles
    • The boxes ship flat to the filler, 26 times more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic bottles to be filled.

    Boxed Water will continue to institute their One Million Trees campaign with the new flavors, where consumers are encouraged to post a picture of Boxed Water on social media with #BetterPlanet, and Boxed Water will plant two trees with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Boxed Water has partnered with the NFF for over five years, planting more than a million trees, to support reforestation efforts in areas affected by wildfires and other natural threats.

    • Purified water with natural blackberry, grapefruit, cucumber and lemon flavors
    • Zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial flavors
    • 100% recyclable, refillable, and BPA free
    • 92% plant-based package
    • 64% less carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles
    • The boxes ship flat to the filler, 26 times more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic bottles to be filled.

    Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber and Grapefruit are available in the standard 500mL size and be available online and at select retailers alongside the brand’s current products: 250 mL, 330 mL, 500 mL and 1L sizes. To inquire about availability for purchase and resale, visit http://bit.ly/flavorwaitlist. To learn more about Boxed Water, visit https://boxedwaterisbetter.com/ or follow them on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.


    Boxed Water was founded in the belief that sustainability matters with the purpose of changing the way packaged water is shipped, sold and enjoyed. This year, Boxed Water became the most sustainable brand on the market, at 92 percent plant based with their packaging and new plant-based cap. All of Boxed Water’s cartons source paper from trees in well-managed forests – where new trees are continuously planted to replace the ones harvested – and are shipped flat to reduce the number of trucks required for transportation. Boxed Water also fills water close to the source and the consumer to reduce its carbon footprint, and all cartons are 100% recyclable, refillable, and BPA free. Boxed Water is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and partner of the National Forest Foundation and Ocean Blue Project. The simple act of choosing Boxed Water is a statement that sustainability matters. Boxed Water is headquartered in Holland, Michigan with filling locations in Michigan and Utah.