Importance Of Montessori Play: Must Have Play Table

Looking for toys that are fun yet benefitial to childhood development? Montessori toys are created to help children learn by experimenting. Tangible toys that they can hold and touch aids in developing kids fine motor skills. Stokke’s Mutable adapts to meet both the physical and developmental needs of growing children.
With 4 creative and interchangeable double-sided activity boards available, the imaginative play is endless. The award-winning design provides a tidy look for your playroom while also remaining durable with all-natural wood and high-quality materials.
About Stokke
Stokke is a Norwegian company that is recognized worldwide for best-in-class solutions for children. For over forty years, we’ve combined our passion for Scandinavian design with the ability to challenge the ordinary and make beautiful products that nurture family bonding.