If you’re looking for a melt-proof snack to bring to an upcoming barbeque, “Damn, Man” mouth-watering, small-batch roasted nuts are the perfect shareable treat.

Have you been searching for a crunchy snack to bring to the pool? Pre-packaged nuts are the perfect solution for your summer outings. With Damn, Man Build Your Own Box option you can choose 4 of your favorite Damn, Man nuts to create the perfect box of snacks to enjoy this summer. If you don’t know which flavor you want to choose, why not to get a Manly Nut Box from Sugar Plum Chocolates? It is a perfect gift box to bring at a pool party or game day party. It can also be a gift for your dad or your man. Everyone loves nuts, including me, I am a girl.

Why not get the man in your life (or yourself) a sampler that might just be as nutty as he is! For Manly Nut Box, Sugar Plum Chocolates has gone ahead and picked this to the brim with a 50/50 blend that pairs off timeless flavors with worldly-inspired cuisines that allows for a little taste of home in one hand and a global tour in the other!

Each Manly Nut Box includes six 4oz bags of hand-crafted, kettle-cooked nuts for your snacking pleasure, with one bag of each of the following varieties included in every sampler:

  • Taproom Nut Mix
  • Salted Cashews
  • Honey Sea Salt Almonds
  • Coconut Curry Peanuts
  • Mexican Cocoa Peanuts
  • Thai Chili Peanuts

  • Coconut Curry Peanuts – Looking for the fire and ice, sweet and spice contrast? Look no further as Manly Nut Box HAS the most unique combination with Coconut Curry Peanuts. This combination will have every taste buds craving more and more sweet heat. Crank up the notch a little and bring your taste buds on a trip.
  • Cocoa dusted almonds – Who doesn’t love Chocolate and peanuts together! Mexican spices added to this mixture takes an amazing combination to a top tier flavor. These Cocoa dusted almonds give you the perfect balance of that rich chocolate taste and are then kissed with a Cayenne powder to wake up the pallet. Forget about the old dated snacks of the past and enjoy the experience of the mainless snack on the market. Sweet and Savory has always been the perfect combination. Trust me, you don’t want to shy away from this one. 
  • Honey Sea Salt Almonds – Honey Sea Salt Almonds give you the perfect contrast of the traditional hardy sea salt almonds that you crave but with the addition of sweet honey. Your taste buds will be thrown for a loop. Forget about the old dated snacks of the past and enjoy the experience of the manliness snack on the market. Let’s be honest, you deserve it!
  • Tap Room Nut Mix – A cold beer in your hand, your favorite chair, the game on the big screen — the only thing missing is the perfect snack.
  • Mexican Cocoa Peanuts – Abuela’s hot chocolate always had the perfect amount of cocoa, sugar, and just a hint of cayenne. Part snack and part dessert, Mexican Cocoa Peanuts are a sweet and spicy homage to that magical elixir. Tap Room Mix is your passport to a place where the drinks flow freely, the food comes easy, and good times abound.
  • Thai Chili Peanuts – Turn up the heat with Thai Chili Peanuts. Sweet, salty, and spicy like your favorite dish of pad thai, these peanuts will have you sweating and smiling through each successive handful.

Since the dawn of man, every dad bod has craved only three things: nuts, meat, and beer. With that in mind, Sugar Plum Chocolates created the Damn, Man collection, which is perfectly curated snack boxes for the man in your life. For 25 years, Sugar Plum Chocolates family has been hand-crafting treats to deliver a little taste of happiness to your home.