Keep You Pup Fresh While On-The-Go

Throughout the summer we’re constantly on the move. Whether taking a family road trip, spending time at the lake or camping under the stars, living out of your car can become the norm. So, if your dog is riding shotgun on your adventures, try these on-the-go grooming tips from pet industry leader Wahl, and ensure your car ride or hotel stay is less messy:

  • Summer Refresh: Keep your pooch smelling fresh with Wahl’s No-Rinse Shampoo. Simply distribute the foam through your dog’s fur and towel or brush them off. The foaming agent goes straight to the source, leaving your pup’s fur looking and smelling great. For an even quicker solution, use the Wahl Refresh Cleansing Wipes around eyes, ears, and paws.
  • Salon On-The-Go: No time to stop at the groomer? No problem! Wahl’s Touch-Up Pet Clipper & Trimmer is multifunctional and so simple to use. Powerful enough to clip fur but small enough for doing detailed work around ears or paws. This handy tool is also cordless and water resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

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