How to Keep a Healthier Work-Life Balance

It’s not uncommon to have stressful times at work. Whether it’s staying up late, working weekends or evenings, or having a large number of projects, burnout might happen sooner than you think. If business at work has become normal for you, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities. Striking a better work-life balance can help you stay healthier.

Consider a New Position

Sometimes, you may come to a point where it is impossible to have a good work-life balance if you keep working in your current job. Maybe the company does not value taking time off, or maybe you have to work overtime week after week. In these cases, it can be beneficial to create an exit plan and look for another position. Going back to school can increase your job opportunities, so you may consider getting your degree. Student loans can make it easy to pay for college so you can get your degree as soon as possible.

Physically Separate Home and Work

If you work in an office, there is already distance between you and work. However, it’s becoming more common to work from home, and doing so can result in blurred lines between work and home. Working from your couch can be a great benefit of remote work, but if you turn your living space into your work area, you might have more stress. That’s because when it’s time to relax, you will think of your job when you are in your relaxing space. One solution is to turn a spot into a dedicated office space. This should not be in the same place you relax or sleep. If you don’t have a separate room, you can carve out part of a room into your work area. Even getting a separate desk can be helpful. The main thing is to have one spot devoted to work.

Disconnect While Not at Work

When you are not working, take some time away from your computer, phone, and other devices. You don’t need to check emails or texts all the time, as this can increase your levels of stress. It is harder to connect with your friends or family if you are always on your phone. Plus, being on your device all the time can affect your sleep. Even if you find it tempting to check your messages all the time, consider turning off notifications, putting it on mute, turning it off, or keeping it in another room. This removes some of the temptation to respond to your messages.

Take Time for Self-Care

You can’t stay strong and motivated to do your best at work if you are not taking time for yourself. Set aside some time to work out each day, and plan healthy meals and snacks to fuel yourself. Make exercise and eating well non-negotiables in your daily schedule. If your work gives you vacation days, don’t just roll them over or let them expire. Instead, use all the time off you are given. Even if you are just using it to take a mental health day to catch up on sleep and stay home, taking a break every now and then can help you recharge.