Today is the perfect day to take a comfort break and wiggle your toes in your Pantuss.

The perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work or at home! Pantuss makes aromatherapy warming slippers! They are the best gift this fall and winter season! To reach ultimate desired comfort, you take out the insoles and heat them in the microwave.

The dried lavender flowers and flax seeds create a calming, relaxing aroma and when you insert them back into your Pantuss slippers and slide your feet in, that is when you reach the pinnacle of relaxation. The lavender creates the relaxing smell with premium essential oils, and the flax seeds help retain the warmth.

Pantuss was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. Pantuss’s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Almost instantly, families started buying Pantuss throughout the country. One of the main reasons why Pantuss slippers became an instant success nationwide, was because of their naturally scented, warmed, comfortable insoles. They’re enjoyable in any climate or season.

Their international team is meticulous about making their slippers meet the highest standards of both quality and comfort, and they pass through several quality control checks between their manufacture in Argentina and the various markets where they’re sold. Their aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort.They are also handmade from eco-friendly, sustainable materials!

These heated slippers for women have it all! Pantuss aromatherapy and comfy slippers will help keep you warm and relaxed during both cold winter months and warmer fall days while you’re staying in the comfort of your own home. Pantuss Indoor slippers are hand-made in Argentina, where they’re known as pantuflas for women (pantuflas para mujer). The plush slippers feature removable insoles filled with lavender flowers and flax seeds which are not only comfortable, but also promote relaxation and de-stressing. The flaxseed oil is what allows these women house slippers to retain heat, while the lavender flowers are full of natural essential oils with a relaxing aroma.

These faux fur fluffy slippers for women are the ideal self care gift! Just pop the insoles in the microwave for 30 seconds, and enjoy the warmth and aromas. The slippers have heated insoles that act as feet warmers and will transport you to a new level of comfort. Pantuss warm slippers for women stand as the warmest and most relaxing home slippers on the market. The house shoes are sustainably made using all-natural products and have a comfortable faux fur exterior providing both style and comfort.

The removable insoles for women can also be placed in the refrigerator, so they can help cool your feet during the hot Summer months. These cute slippers for women make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Ditch the warming socks and heat pack, choose from our wide variety of styles for both men and women. These teddy bear slippers are ideal wonder woman gifts.

Pantuss comfortable eyemask and neck pillow set will become an essential part of your travel kit. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, this set will allow you to sleep comfortably. Eye masks help to block out unnatural and natural light, enabling you to sleep soundly day or night.

This set is also perfect for when you’re hanging around the house and looking to escape from the stress of the day. The set is fully adjustable, so it will fit any adult comfortably. It also comes in a variety of colors that suit any style. The eye mask is filled with flax seeds and lavender flowers for an aromatherapeutic effect. Flaxseed oil and Lavender flowers are full of essential oils to help promote relaxation. This eye mask and neck pillow is an ideal self care gift for women and men.