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    Today is the perfect day to take a comfort break and wiggle your toes in your Pantuss.

    The perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work or at home! Pantuss makes aromatherapy warming slippers! They are the best gift this fall and winter season! To reach ultimate desired comfort, you take out the insoles and heat them in the microwave.

    The dried lavender flowers and flax seeds create a calming, relaxing aroma and when you insert them back into your Pantuss slippers and slide your feet in, that is when you reach the pinnacle of relaxation. The lavender creates the relaxing smell with premium essential oils, and the flax seeds help retain the warmth.

    Pantuss was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. Pantuss’s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Almost instantly, families started buying Pantuss throughout the country. One of the main reasons why Pantuss slippers became an instant success nationwide, was because of their naturally scented, warmed, comfortable insoles. They’re enjoyable in any climate or season.

    Their international team is meticulous about making their slippers meet the highest standards of both quality and comfort, and they pass through several quality control checks between their manufacture in Argentina and the various markets where they’re sold. Their aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort.They are also handmade from eco-friendly, sustainable materials!

    These heated slippers for women have it all! Pantuss aromatherapy and comfy slippers will help keep you warm and relaxed during both cold winter months and warmer fall days while you’re staying in the comfort of your own home. Pantuss Indoor slippers are hand-made in Argentina, where they’re known as pantuflas for women (pantuflas para mujer). The plush slippers feature removable insoles filled with lavender flowers and flax seeds which are not only comfortable, but also promote relaxation and de-stressing. The flaxseed oil is what allows these women house slippers to retain heat, while the lavender flowers are full of natural essential oils with a relaxing aroma.

    These faux fur fluffy slippers for women are the ideal self care gift! Just pop the insoles in the microwave for 30 seconds, and enjoy the warmth and aromas. The slippers have heated insoles that act as feet warmers and will transport you to a new level of comfort. Pantuss warm slippers for women stand as the warmest and most relaxing home slippers on the market. The house shoes are sustainably made using all-natural products and have a comfortable faux fur exterior providing both style and comfort.

    The removable insoles for women can also be placed in the refrigerator, so they can help cool your feet during the hot Summer months. These cute slippers for women make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Ditch the warming socks and heat pack, choose from our wide variety of styles for both men and women. These teddy bear slippers are ideal wonder woman gifts.

    Pantuss comfortable eyemask and neck pillow set will become an essential part of your travel kit. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, this set will allow you to sleep comfortably. Eye masks help to block out unnatural and natural light, enabling you to sleep soundly day or night.

    This set is also perfect for when you’re hanging around the house and looking to escape from the stress of the day. The set is fully adjustable, so it will fit any adult comfortably. It also comes in a variety of colors that suit any style. The eye mask is filled with flax seeds and lavender flowers for an aromatherapeutic effect. Flaxseed oil and Lavender flowers are full of essential oils to help promote relaxation. This eye mask and neck pillow is an ideal self care gift for women and men.

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    Time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by support Hispanic and Latin WOMEN Owned Small Business

    It’s a special time of the year, Hispanic Heritage Month is here! It’s September 15th to October 15th! Hispanic Americans’ accomplishments and contributions are recognized and honored. Let’s a step further by celebrating Hispanic and Latin WOMEN who are small business owners working hard to make a name for themselves and their brands!

    Latino craftsmanship is at the heart of each slipper Pantuss creates – their relationships with the factory, and their attention to detail are rooted in their Argentine heritage.

    The founders wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process: where things are made with love and care, and where the customer’s comfort is the top priority. They adore details, and the emotions created by these elements, because a powerful product inspires positive transformations in everyone, everywhere.

    Founded in 2012 by three partners Fernanda, Laura and Yamil. Pantuss creates handmade slippers with thoughtful designs focused on comfort and coziness so you can have the most relaxing experience possible.

    Their values of quality, craftsmanship, and deep respect for nature, animals, and people drive everything they do. From the design process to the finished product, each pair of slippers is made so that you love what you wear every day.

    They care about the environment and believe they must do our part to protect the natural world. From their products to the packaging in which they are shipped, the team strives to use all-natural and renewable materials. they also made a commitment to donate a portion of every sale to help plant trees through One Tree Planted. By taking these steps Pantuss hope to reduce the carbon footprint and build a better world.

    Pantuss aromatherapy slippers will help keep you cool and fresh in the heat of spring and summer, and warm and relaxed during the cold winter months. These heated house shoes for women are the ultimate feet warmers for women, and make the perfect back to school gifts for incoming freshman. The removable insoles can also be popped in the fridge for a cooling sensation.

    Pantuss’ woman slippers are hand-made with love, and each pair goes through a rigorous quality control process. The plush summer slippers for women feature removable insoles filled with lavender flowers and flax seeds for a comforting aroma that also promotes relaxation. The flaxseed oil in flax allows the womens house slippers to retain heat, while lavender flowers are full of natural essential oils for aromatherapy. Just pop the insoles in the microwave for 30 seconds, and enjoy the warmth and aromas.

    Each slipper comes with removable insoles that will transport you to a new level of comfort. Pantuss Ballerina ladies slippers stand as the warmest and most relaxing house shoes. The house slippers for women are sustainably made by hand using all-natural products and have a comfortable faux fur exterior for both style and comfort. The removable insoles for women can be placed in the refrigerator, so they can help cool your feet during the hot Summer months. These cute slippers for women make the perfect wonder woman gifts.

    If you’re looking for house slippers for women, microwavable slippers, or bride slippers look no further. Warmies slippers and foot warmers have nothing on Pantuss womens house shoes. Ditch the warming socks, and heat pack, because these comfy fur slippers for women with heated insoles are the only heated socks for women you’ll need! Pantuss offers a wide variety of travel slippers, flip flop slippers, home slippers, and other styles for both men and women.


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    Wake up and feel amazing about yourself with Bravity

    There’s nothing like waking up, ready to seize the day and all that it may throw at you. However, as soon as you step in front of the mirror your mood sours. Why? It’s those unsightly wrinkles and creases creeping up your cleavage. Bravity knows the feeling all too well, but fret not! Finally, there’s a way to reduce cleavage wrinkles and creases once and for all.

    Meet the world’s only anti-wrinkle sleep bra! Bravity® is NOT your standard support bra. Regular bras today only support your chest and keep your breasts in place. Bravity prevents new wrinkles and creases and helps relieve the wrinkles you can develop when your breasts fall on top of each other at night. Have you ever woken up with deep creases in your chest that can take all day to disappear? That is what Bravity prevents!

    The creator, Andrea Castaneda, believes in aging with grace. Andrea woke up one morning with that horrible crease on her chest- she immediately looked for a solution. Special pillows were not working. She needed something comfortable and soft to wear overnight. After years of research and some help, Bravity was born! These wrinkles can happen at any age! It depends on the fatty tissue in your chest and your lymphatic system overnight.

    In a Princeton Consumer Research clinical trial, 30 different women all reported a reduction in the lines they had after wearing a Bravity® bra for just one month! From winning the Women Inventor of the Year 2016 award at INPEX to being chosen as an As Seen On TV official product and invited to the exclusive Innovator’s Think Tank, Bravity® is changing lives for the better one bra at a time.

    BraviSport Women Sport Bra With Breast Support Separation – YES To The Workout, NO to The Uniboob! BraviSport is a Padded Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra with racer-back straps that gives you support and full range of motion during your workout. It’s Unique Front Y-shape Bravity design limits breast compression, preventing the formation of lines and creases on the cleavage area. BraviSport provides snug but not restrictive support, it has removable pads for custom shape and comfort and its smooth elastic hem band offers a soft and secure fit. 

    • Imported
    • Padded Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra
    • Unique Y-Shaped Breast Separation Design to Prevent Lines on the Cleavage
    • Racer-Back Straps give Support and Full Range of Motion During Workout
    • Removable Pads for Custom Shape and Comfort
    • Smooth Elastic Hem Band Offers Soft and Secure Fit

    The founder Andrea created Bravity because she believe in aging with grace. For women, aging should be a beautiful – not fearsome – process. Your cleavage is an area of the body that, when not tended to properly, can make you look much older than you really are. Bravity was designed to help you match your body to the incredible woman that you are. Now there’s a Natural And Safe option to prevent and diminish those bothersome lines, and while you sleep! Bravity’s vision is to encourage you to Look And Feel Your Absolute Best, so you can start your day with the confidence you deserve. Don’t allow pesky details like a crease on your cleavage hold you back from accomplishing what you are capable of. Start whatever fulfills you and look amazing while doing it!

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    What do you get when you replace Vodka with Catan Pisco in your Mule? Yup! A Chilean Mule!

    Change is a good thing. Try swapping out your Vodka for Pisco in your traditional Mule and let this new Chilean Mule take the lead. Salud!

    But first, what is Pisco? Pisco is a spirit distilled 100% from grapes. Only two countries can legally make pisco, and the Denominations of Origin (D.O.) are in Chile and Peru. Catan Pisco is made in Chile, which is where our Founder, Catalina, was born.

    Just like Champagne has to be made in the Champagne region of France, Pisco can only be made in specific regions of Chile and Peru for it to be called PISCO. The D.O is only in these two Countries and we hope to continue to educate the world on this amazing spirit and hope you will join us in the pisco movement.

    Pisco is made from grapes, but do not be mistaken: pisco is not wine, and it certainly doesn’t taste like wine. If you have never experienced pisco, a common comparison is: “if Vodka and Tequila had a baby.” Pisco has the versatility of a vodka, yet the upscale aromas and vast complexity of a premium tequila. This is how some of Catan Fans have described tasting pisco for the first time—but to assure you it is neither tequila or vodka—pisco is unique, and Catan pisco is unmistakable.

    Catan pisco guides you through a sensory ride, first with notes of peaches in honey, berries, tangerine and ripe melon, then balanced by the softness of floral aromas like magnolia, orange blossom and rose water, before a silky-smooth and gentle finish.

    Catan Pisco’s versatile and unique flavor profile is what makes their award winning pisco an excellent spirit to enjoy neat, or simply stirred into any of your favorite cocktails.

    Catan Pisco was awarded GOLD at this years San Francisco World Spirits Competition! Nearly 5,000 spirits brands entered and Catan Pisco is over the moon knowing they are taking home a Gold.

    Before the holiday season is coming, I want to introduce their cocktail recipe from one of Catan Pisco’s favorite local-Latina collaborators, Argelia Martinez, owner of Vida Mia Cocktails. This holiday “Monkey Tail” cocktail kits could not have happened without her help and industry expertise. She is a pro at curating thoughtful cocktail experiences with a focus in supporting the LatinX community.

    If you are not familiar with this delicious Chilean traditional cocktail, the “Cola de Mono,” you won’t want to miss out.

    Inspired by her Chilean roots and heritage, founder Catalina Gaete-Bentz launched Catan Pisco in 2018 introducing the U.S. to its very first American pisco brand and became the first woman-owned pisco company in Chilean history. Get ready to make room on your cocktail bar for a wonderful liquor experience. Stop missing out on the unique spirit and tastes from Catan Pisco. Sometimes called the love child of vodka and tequila, Pisco is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Skip the champagne and crack open a bottle to celebrate life’s moments, big and small. Pisco perfectly blends the versatility of vodka cocktails with the aromas and complexities of upscale tequila.

    In 1974 Women were finally granted the right to apply for their own credit without needing their husbands signatures. Hard to believe this wasn’t that long ago! Celebrating all the Women who had a dream, never gave up and have since turned them into realties. Celebrating all the working moms who never fail in putting their families first and mastering the balance of life. Celebrating all the single ladies who have so much self-love that finding a partner is secondary. There are so many reasons to celebrate for women owned brands, we raise our glasses, filled with Pisco, and toast to YOU.