National Candy Day is 11/4! Repurpose Your Left-Over Halloween Candy

With Halloween officially over and National Candy Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share a couple of great candy hacks/crafts that can be easily done right at home! These tips are via TheSoul Publishing – an award-winning publishing co. behind one of the top five YouTube channels, 5-Minute Crafts.

  • DIY Candy Despenser: If you’ve got some left-over gumballs or M&Ms from Halloween, try making this easy candy dispenser! Take a red Solo cup and an empty mini sized water bottle. Line the upside-down water bottle up with the bottom of the cup, trace a circle and cut it out, creating a hole in the cup. Next, cut out a half circle and slit on the front of the cup, removing a piece of the cup. Using a push pin, place a small circle in the cut-out piece and attach to the cup from the inside. Next, cut out ¼ of a full-sized water bottle and place inside of the cup, acting as a landing for the candy dispenser. Drop your favorite candy into the water bottle and you’re all set!

  • Candy Fruit: Using any left-over hard candies and your favorite fruit, you can make a delicious dessert! Simply cut an apple or pear into slices and lay them out event on a baking sheet. Next, unwrap your hard candies and place them into a zipped plastic bag. Smash the candies up using a rolling pin and sprinkle the pieces on top of the sliced fruit. Place into the oven until the candies have melted onto the fruit slices. Allow them to cool and enjoy!
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