Breakfast Date with Grabease

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Grabease the best Ergonomic Utensils for baby led weaning! They are made of silicone and are designed to safely nurture independence in little ones ready to meet their self-feeding developmental milestone. The patented fork and spoon sets were the first utensils designed with babies’ independence in mind, and they come highly recommended by Occupational Therapists. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in babies’ natural hand grasp, making the hand-to-mouth motion easier! Using this set will also help strengthen their fingers while encouraging proper pencil grasp development (this will come in handy later!).


I had a breakfast date today with Colton (1) and Savi (4) and we test out the utensils and suction divided dish wares. The small compartments were perfect for sampling all the yummy foods we got. Divided for healthy portion sizes and designed to promote finger strength and proper pincer grip, our plates and bowls are made with strong suction bottoms to hold onto surfaces and prevent tipping and throwing. Self-feeding spoons and forks are sized for small hands and feature ergonomic handles and choke protection barriers. In sum, your table is set for a less stressful, more positive mealtime experience.  Toddlers also love the divided plates to ensure that the food does not touch!

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