Smelly Proof Your Fridge, Office and Home

Since the pandemic, everyone is staying at home more than ever. We finally delve into adulthood with cooking instead of take out and really building a home. Some of the things that cohabitants fight about is smell! Believe it or not, room mates in college always complain about this. It can be anything from shrimp chips or durian!  Now there is a bag out there that is thick enough to contain all these smells! My husband was very sensitive to fragrance oils I used when I was in the soap making era and this would have come in handy.

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Made in USA 

✅ BPA Free. Phthalate Free. Latex Free. PEVA Free.

✅ Reusable, ridiculously strong, multi-use, super storage bags!

✅ Great for use in the outdoors, kitchen, storage, home organizing, travel, and so much more!

🏆 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winner (2022).

🛡️LIFETIME warranty on our zipper.