Oscars Skin: How Best Picture Star Stephanie Hsu Achieved Glowing Skin with Joanna Czech

Everything Everywhere At Once actress and Oscar nominee Stephanie Hsu prepped for the Oscars with customized facial treatments by Joanna Czech using her eponymous line Joanna Czech Skincare in partnership with Lyma Laser!

This is the first time that Czech’s signature Oscars facial has incorporated her skincare line. The treatment is a combination of massage technique, LED technology, microcurrent, ultrasound, cryotherapy, oxygen infusion and top tier ingredients leave her clients looking refreshed, sculpted, and hydrated.

ABOUT JOANNA CZECH: With 37 years of experience, beginning in Poland, and built in NY, Joanna Czech believes that the key to beautiful skin is a long-term approach that incorporates a seasonal regimen and a healthy lifestyle rather than short term quick fixes. Her treatments are a mixture of the most innovative technologies and timeless techniques, many of which she learned back in Poland. The results are undeniable, and the process is never too aggressive, LED, Ultrasound, Microcurrents, Cryotherapy, Manual Massage and Manipulation of the Facial Muscles are incorporated into her customized treatments that are based on the condition of the skin, rather than a type.

Czech meticulously formulated her skincare products over a two-year period with carefully curated ingredients from around the world. The line is meant to be used together as well as in conjunction with other desired products to allow for a personalized skincare plan for every skin type and condition. Her full line consists of The Toner ($55), The C+ Serum ($340), The Soothing Serum ($275), The Cream ($210), The Balm ($230), The Cleansing Wipes ($30) and The Face Mask ($30).