Empower Tween Girls This Women’s History Month – Kids Crafts is on Amazon and Shareasale

If there was ever a time to support young girls, it’s now! We found a woman-owned company that is on a mission to expose girls to the stories of mighty trailblazing women like Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks and Amanda Gorman. Each themed craft provides the opportunity for girls to learn the stories of these remarkable women and create a tangible keepsake to remind them to be a trailblazer and not a spectator. They are perfect for tweens ages 8+ and make great gifts.
Kits starting at $24.99, Available on their website, Amazon and ShareASale
Kids Crafts believes every girl has the power to change the world. They also believe crafts are more than beads, paint, or jewels — they’re the tools that inspire girls to embrace their creativity and be whoever they want to be.
Two of our favorite collections are below. Both are perfect for gifting and/or using to celebrate International Women’s Day.
LeadHER Collection:
Modern craft kits built around amazing trailblazing women. Each kit tells the story of a wise leader, providing the opportunity for girls to learn how to step into their power. From the BRAVE like Rosa “Nah” punch kit, to the SPEAK like Maya Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft kit, the LeadHER Collection was created to remind girls how strong (and flawed) people can make change happen by being true to themselves and standing up for what they believe in.

InnovateHER Collection:
This collection is designed to jumpstart your girl’s first business! This collection features everything she’ll need to construct, package, and sell the handmade crafts she creates. The kit also includes the Mighty Girl Biz Plan (think of it as a business plan for pre-teens) to get her thinking like a boss.
Each purchase impacts girls around the world. Kids Crafts proudly donates a portion of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations working to empower girls across the globe.