Superheroes Have Feelings, Too! Teaching Kids the ‘Power’ of Emotions (ON AMAZON)

“All of the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” – Gerard Way

Team Supercrew believes that heroes sometimes wear capes, but true superpowers come from within. Award-winning Team Supercrew authors, Julie Anne and Darren Penn, reinvent the wheel when it comes to superheroes. Characters like Benny the Brave and Keisha the Kind come to the rescue to remind children (and parents!) that emotions are their superpower, and there is a superhero within all of us.

Each book in the Team Supercrew series promotes diversity and inclusion, and teaches kids the power of emotions. The Penns are parents, too, and witness firsthand how kids react to their feelings. The series is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a social-emotional therapy focused on the ways thoughts, emotions and behavior are intertwined. Experts have said these books go beyond what’s usually seen in children’s books, and are valuable resources for kids.

The Team Lineup

  • Benny the Brave: A bestseller on Amazon, Benny the Brave teaches Sarah there’s nothing to be afraid of on her first day of school. When teachers look like swamp creatures and lunch may look like it’s wriggling; Benny helps Sarah face her fears with the power to be brave.

  • Keisha the Kind: Danny is feeling frustrated with his little sister. She seems to always get the attention, and always gets into his things. Keisha teaches him the practice of patience and the power to be kind to others.

  • Chloe the Calm: When Miko continues to battle bedtime and her mind is racing, Chloe comes through to teach her how to find balance and the power to be calm.

  • Gen the Grit: Jordan loves soccer, but these days things aren’t going his way. When he can’t kick well, he feels flustered by everyone’s differing advice. Gen arrives just in time, determined to help out. With the power of grit, Jordan (and you!) can do anything!

While finding the power to be brave, kind, calm, and have grit, kids will also learn how to recognize and manage their emotions in a positive way.

These books are perfect for kids any time of the year – and can be especially helpful during spring break and the upcoming summer months.


As parents, Julie Anne and Darren Penn want their son to grow up understanding that true power comes from within. With backgrounds in elementary education and creative writing, the husband-wife pair launched Team Supercrew in May 2022 to unite their superpowers and share their mission with kids and families everywhere. After co-writing four books that psychologists and teachers love, the Penns are now award-winning authors and on track to become a six figure business by the end of 2023! Their books, Benny the Brave, Keisha the Kind, Chloe the Calm, and Gen the Grit are designed to teach children the importance of regulating their emotions, and give parents tools to help when they need it most.