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    Pollinators Book Helps Kids Make an Impact

    An alarming article from The Guardian recently pointed out a statistic from a recent study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: “The global loss of pollinators is causing about 500,000 early deaths a year by reducing the supply of healthy foods.” The study is the first to quantify the human health toll of insufficient wild pollinators.


    With this information in mind, there is a new book that seeks to educate young readers about the importance of pollinators. World of Pollinators: A Guide for All Explorers: Fun Projects, Over 400 Amazing Facts about Plants, Bees, Beetles, Birds and Butterflies (Creative Homeowner) teaches children the importance of pollinators, along with exciting outdoor DIY projects and activities that make a difference!

    Have fun while making an impact! Jam-packed with tons of awesome information all about nature, World of Pollinators teaches children the importance of pollinators, along with exciting outdoor DIY projects and activities that make a difference! Engaging and fun, kids will read and learn about important pollinating insects and other valuable nature topics, from what pollen is and how it works to why some insects and birds are pollinators while some are not. Also included are illustrated guides showing different types of birds, insects, and flowering plants that attract pollinators, regional maps, and awesome fun facts on state birds across the United States! This educational and hands-on book also provides exciting outdoor projects for kids that are fun as they get involved in nature while also protecting it, including how to make a butterfly house, how to plant a pollinator haven in a flowerpot and more. World of Pollinators is an excellent resource for parents and teachers to encourage, educate, and inspire children about pollinators and helping the environment, all while having fun! ​The book will launch on May 9.

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    [Gifts that Give Back] PT Runs Free Book Donates Proceeds to Foster and Adoption-based Animal Rescues

    Help animals in need this year by gifting a new children’s book featuring rescue dog PT (who also has 3 legs) that gives back to animal causes! More than 6 million companion animals end up in shelters each year. A meaningful way to celebrate the holidays is to help animals in need by gifting this new children’s book PT Runs Free that gives back to animals in need. All proceeds from the book with always be donated to foster and adoption-based animal rescues.

    PT Runs Free written by Jason Kraus and illustrated by Connor DeHaan is an inspirational story featuring rescue dog PT and his journey from a neglectful family and as a shelter dog, to losing his leg and to never give up. Not only is this book written with an inspirational message, but the power of hope is being spread as all proceeds are being donated to Southwest Florida rescue groups and humane societies to help with Hurricane Ian displaced pets and needs.

    PT’s owner Angie McGilvrey says there are two reasons she and husband Joe, owners of APEX Physical Therapy, wanted to share their dog’s story. “First, each of us, adults and children alike, have obstacles we are faced with throughout life, and we hope that PT will inspire others through positivity and determination to never give up and they too can conquer their obstacles,” she explains. “Secondly, we wanted to teach the next generation of pet owners humane education and why it is so important to be kind to animals. We feel that we can make the greatest impact in animal rescue by educating our youth.”

    Author Jason Kraus was inspired to tell PT’s story because there are so many life lessons children AND adults can learn from his bravery and perseverance. “His life’s story exemplifies the resilience many rescue dogs exude as they often go through,” he continues.

    ABOUT PT Runs Free:

    This picture book, based on a true story, shares the uplifting tale of PT the rescue dog. PT faces many challenges in life, but never gives up! With the powers of positivity and determination, he overcomes a neglectful family, life as a shelter dog and even the loss of his leg! Find out how the incredible three-legged rescue regains his ability to run free, all while educating and inspiring children in schools and community centers along the way.

    The real PT who was found injured on the side of a road in Miami, FL is now living the good life with his forever family in Fort Myers, FL. As a therapy dog, PT goes to work every day with his parents, Joe and Angie, the owners of Apex Physical Therapy. PT serves as the clinic’s mascot, spreading kindness, and inspiring those in pain or recovering from challenges of their own. On his days off, PT teaches children about empathy and the importance of adopting rescue dogs still waiting to find their forever homes.

    Jason said his favorite part of the book is the ending! “When PT overcomes all of the obstacles and finally gets to play fetch with all the kids,” he says. “After reading PT Runs Free, I would like parents and kids to have an understanding of how amazing rescue dogs truly are. I would also like people to understand that no one is ever broken, if you never give up you can overcome anything in life. My hope for PT runs free is also that it inspires children who have undergone amputations and gives them someone to look up to. I also hope that other children reading it gain a greater sense of love and appreciation for other children who have lost a limb or may look different than them.”

    Currently, PT is recovering from another obstacle – he recently underwent ACL surgery. “Once he is ready, he will be on tour doing ‘Never Give Up’ workshops at local churches, YMCA, kids camps and more. We will take his book and read it to kids and PT will go around and pass out high fives and spread the message to Never Give Up,” Angie adds.

    The creation of PT’s book also inspired Angie & Joe McGilvrey to start their own 501 c3, Bella’s Heart of SWFL.

    The book can be purchased at:

    Amazon: PT Runs Free: Kraus, Jason, DeHaan, Connor: 9798218046088: Amazon.com: Books

    Barnes & Noble: PT Runs Free by Jason Kraus, Connor DeHaan, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

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    ABCs of Beekeeping Spelled Out in Lively New Children’s Book

    Suburban beekeeper Justin Weiss aims to inspire the next generation of bee enthusiasts and environmentalists with his vibrantly illustrated new children’s book, B is for Beekeeping: An Alphabet Book.

    With concise, easy-to-understand language, such as “C is for comb,” and “H is for honey,” Weiss introduces young audiences to the ABCs of beekeeping and the critical role that honeybees play in the ecosystem.

    “Did you know one-third of the food we eat gets pollinated by honeybees?” asked Weiss, who started beekeeping a few years ago on a whim. “While at first I was afraid of handling honeybees, it turns out having thousands of them buzzing around is quite therapeutic. This hobby has lifted my spirits when I’ve most needed it, and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with my friends and family.”

    In B is for Beekeeping, Weiss uses each letter of the alphabet to teach a beekeeping term and idea, and each fascinating new fact is brought to life by a bright, playful illustration.

    Perfect for parents, grandparents and teachers, B is for Beekeeping intends to encourage children to explore the “un-bee-lievable” world around them and to respect some of the smallest, but mightiest, creatures.

    About the Author

    Justin Weiss is a husband, father and hobby beekeeper. He loves to explore the world with his family and try new foods.

    Born and raised in California, he currently lives outside of Dallas, Texas, on a small suburban homestead. He and his wife have a garden, keep bees, raise quail and chickens, and have an orange cat named Leo. He is fluent in Spanish, having also lived in Chile, Easter Island and Spain.

    Weiss serves his community as the assistant city manager and also as a board member for the local school district’s education foundation.

    It has always been a dream of his to publish a book — a special gift for his children that he hopes they will want to pass down one day, too.

    A portion of all sales of this book will be donated to organizations such as Pollinator Partnership, the Bee Conservancy and Project Apis m. For more information, visit www.bisforbeekeeping.com, or follow the author on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BeekeepingBook.

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    A New Book Takes Children on the Adventure of a Lifetime with Leonardo DaVinci

    What would you do if one of the most famous artists in the world landed on your doorstep? In Leonardo and the Time Travelers, cousins Jack and Nick are in Silicon Valley for a summer technology class, when they discover a secret time travel app on an old iPad. Upon using the app, they bring back the world’s first-time traveler, artist, engineer and scientist, Leonardo da Vinci, and adventure ensues!

    This fun and entertaining book takes children on the adventure of a lifetime.  Joined by Jack’s sister Poppy, they solve problems, meet other time travelers, and have a summer they will never forget.

    Leonardo, affectionately nicknamed “Nardi” by the kids, is shocked by his new surroundings but as a man who loves to learn, he is highly curious about the technology he discovers everywhere throughout the house. He just can’t resist the urge to play with things. And Jack’s feisty and artistic sister, Poppy, isn’t shy about sharing her artwork with the man who painted The Last Supper.

    As “Nardi” tangles with today’s technology and traveling incognito, he and the kids bring other time travelers back from the past while facing up to challenges of their own. Nardi learns to ride a bike, makes a special drawing to tuck into a time capsule at Stanford, compares notes with the kids on delicious gelato, creates a bubble bath blizzard and gets stuck on top of the house when inspecting the solar panels!

    As the summer ends, the kids celebrate their accomplishments with a surprise trip to the Magic Kingdom, and a tour led by none other than time traveler Walt Disney himself! Nardi upstages everyone in his final fling before heading back into history – but he leaves an enormous imprint on Jack, Nick and Poppy, his creative compatriots and proteges.

    Leonardo and the Time Travelers is the product of a unique collaboration of five women from around the world who joined together to create a children’s book about learning and time travel during the pandemic.

    In 2020, two grandmothers across the pond from each other decided to do something positive during the lockdown: to write a book inspired by their grandchildren. Marian Lye and Patty McGuigan share a set of lively grandkids, who were to be the heroes of a Silicon Valley adventure. But they needed an illustrator. Rebekah Reif, just turning 21 and graduating, joined the creative team. Next was Maria Mayer Feng, an incredible creative director in New York and then Kate Ryan, an editor who lives in Hawaii and understood the writers’ vision.  The Circle of Five was established: women of all different ages, from Hawaii to England coming together to create Leonardo and the Time Travelers.

    “The pandemic has brought many changes to our world. We were determined to produce something positive out of this time,” says author Patty McGuigan. “The five of us put our creativity to work and created this fun and inspiring story.”

    This fall introduce kids to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci and join him, Jack, Nick and Poppy on an adventurous journey and discover the answer to the big question – how to get their time travelers back home?

    “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Leonardo da Vinci


    Patty McGuigan is the proud grandmother of four grandchildren. She is also a successful commercial real estate agent, a past high school English teacher, and active in her San Francisco Bay Area community. Patty has created numerous books of her artwork and travel memories. Her creativity has been her defining factor throughout her life, and indeed she does believe in time travel.

    Marian Lye lives in Weymouth, England. She and her husband raised three boys, and she worked in administration for a government department for many years. Her love of history led her to write Weymouth at War, an account of World War 2 on the south coast of England. The book, now in its second edition, features the dramatic build up to D-Day in June 1944, when thousands of American servicemen set sail from the twin ports of Weymouth and Portland, bound for “Omaha Beach” in Normandy. In this millennium, the arrivals of three lively grandkids in California have been magical milestones.

    Rebekah Reif is based in New Hampshire, where she recently graduated from the School of Art and Design at New England College. An up-and-coming artist, she has a natural talent for drawing, and amazed her collaborators on this project with every new scene she sketched out. Rebekah specializes in comics and enjoys drawing stories from battles to slices of everyday life.

    To learn more about the creative team and Leonardo and the Time Travelers, visit leonardoandthetimetravelers.com

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    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships.

    In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Wonderland, the third installment in the award-winning Miss Olive children’s book trilogy from The Doggy Diva Diaries, continues the rescue dog’s adventures with the adored pup learning the true meaning of the holidays.

    Written by Susan Marie and Miss Olive, and Illustrated by Rebekah Phillips, the story is about Miss Olive anticipating the celebration of the season and wonders if there is more to the holidays than receiving gifts. She joyfully discovers that the greatest gift of all is the love and kindness you share with your family, friends and others.

    “Through Miss Olive’s eyes, kids remember to appreciate all the magic that is around them during the holidays. They see Miss Olive learn that what’s important are the friends who surround her during this time,” said author Susan Marie.

    Recently recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards with a 2021 NAPPA Award, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland also won an award from Creative Child Magazine for 2021 Book of the Year Award in Kid’s Holiday Themed Books category.

    Recommended for ages four through nine, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland with its message of kindness and love, shows children that the true meaning of the holidays is the joy of giving to others.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships. In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home and Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland are available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online book retailers.

    Learn more about Susan, Miss Olive and Miss Olive’s book trilogy by visiting www.TheDoggyDiva.com.

    About Susan Marie

    For over fifteen years, Susan Marie has been spreading the word about puppy love through her award winning podcast , The Doggy Diva Show. On her show, Susan interviews pet industry experts, bestselling authors, pet health and lifestyle professionals and representatives from animal rescue organizations. Past guests include Bob Barker, Dean Koontz, and America’s Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker. The Doggy Diva Show can be heard on Pet Life Radio, Apple, Google Play, Stitcher and Speak Up Talk Radio.

    Susan is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators as well as the Dog Writer’s Association of America and the Florida Writers Association. A devoted champion of animals, Susan donates a portion of the proceeds from Miss Olive books to animal rescue organizations. She’s passionate about passing along the love of animals to future generations.

    About Miss Olive:
    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends and Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland are the first, second and third books (respectively) in a trilogy about the adventures of Miss Olive, an Italian Greyhound rescue. The real Miss Olive was adopted in 2015 by author Susan Marie from Italian Greyhound Rescue Gulf Coast. Miss Olive was a victim of neglect and health issues, having lost her teeth due to lack of medical attention and one of her legs to cancer. The neglect and illness that she experienced has never affected her loving, gentle spirit; she is always ready for a snuggle. Miss Olive joins Susan Marie at the microphone each week as the co-host of The Doggy Diva Show on Pet Life Radio.

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    BORN TO SPARKLE – A Story About Achieving Your Dreams

    “Uplifting, encouraging, and quite lovely”  – * Kirkus Reviews (starred)

    Author Megan Bomgaars, who has Down syndrome, is an activist, TV personality, and entrepreneur. This Fall, she adds “published children’s book author” to her list of accomplishments with her debut title arriving in stores nationwide.

    Inspired by Megan’s moving “Don’t Limit Me” speech, Born to Sparkle encourages young readers to dream big and work hard to make those big dreams come true. Whether you dream is to become an astronaut, firefighter, dancer, teacher, chef or anything you can imagine, you can achieve it because, just like Megan, you were born to sparkle!

    Never condescending or preachy, Megan’s pitch perfect story reassures, that there are no limits and anything is possible if one follows their dreams and works hard. It’s about doing your very best to make dreams happen. Be brave. Study. Learn. Practice. Ask questions. Educators and parents will revel in this uplifting, inspiring picture book with a cast of stuffed animals leading by example at each turn of the page.

    About the author: Megan Bomgaars

    Megan Bomgaars is an amazing woman who works hard to achieve her dreams every day. She starred on A&Es Emmy Award-winning and Critic’s Choice Real TV Award-winning reality television show Born this Way. Megan currently attends college and has already started her own business, starred on a TV show, and travelled the world as a public speaker. She was even invited to the White house by Michelle Obama to attend the “Beating the Odds Summit.”  This is Megan’s first children’s book.

    About the illustrator: Peter John Olczyk

    Peter John Olcyzk was born in Manchester. He studied art foundation at Manchester Metropolitan University and then illustration at Stockport College. He uses his own experiences and memories to put himself in the mind and shoes of a child when he illustrates, as well as being greatly influenced by stories, music and nature. He currently lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife and two young children.