The Original Stretchlace for Shoes and Boots

Niko is 4 and a half and man does he know everything… Everything but how to tie his shoes! He picks his outfit everyday down to the shoes. The Original Stretchlace is about to change the game for him. I was recently gift these magically laces and I put them in his high tops and Jordan Ones. I can’t wait to see him in these big boy shoes đŸ™‚

While lacing your shoes for the first time, keep your foot in the shoe and lace upward. If that is not possible just be sure to leave enough room for your foot to slip in and out. Lace each end into the base and ensure that lace lengths are even before weaving them through the lace holes. Keep the laces flat while lacing upward, ensure there are now twists.

Pull the bow TAUT while ensuring you are leaving enough room to get your foot in/out.