Unleashing Feline Curiosity: Exploring the Enchanting World of the Vitakraft Cat Puzzler

Cats, with their mysterious allure and playful nature, have captivated human hearts for centuries. As feline companions become an integral part of our lives, it’s only natural to seek innovative ways to engage their curiosity and keep their minds sharp. The Vitakraft Cat Puzzler emerges as a beacon of enchantment, offering a dynamic and captivating experience that not only entertains our feline friends but also fosters their cognitive development.

Internationally trusted pet food brand Vitakraft® announces the launch of a brand-new Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy. This new addition to the Vitakraft family is the first cat toy for the brand. The wobbling puzzle toy dispenses treats as a reward for the cat’s hard work. Each Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy comes with a free fun-sized bag of Meaty Morsels cat treats and can be refilled with other Vitakraft treats. The toy hits Walmart shelves at 600 locations now for a limited time. Now pet parents everywhere can treat their favorite felines to a stimulating new toy and some great new snacks. The Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy is available at an SRP of $9.98.

With its bowl shape and tilt stopper, the refillable new Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy is great for cats, not just for entertainment but for mental stimulation too. The bowl is filled with a handful of treats, which the cat forages around for with its paw as the toy wobbles. This stimulates the cat’s natural instincts in a safe and rewarding way, and the promise of a treat keeps the cat entertained for long periods.

According to Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist Molly DeVoss, “Foraging is an important environmental enrichment activity that will keep your cat active and mentally challenged for a happier, longer life. The Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy is a unique new product that not only offers cats treats but also a challenge.”

The Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy comes with a free fun-sized bag of Meaty Morsels in Chicken Recipe with Pumpkin. The new Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy, available now in 600 Walmart stores, joins the highly coveted line of Vitakraft cat treats available, including:


  • Meaty Morsels, which are also available separately and can be found in both Chicken Recipe with Pumpkin and added Taurine to support healthy eyes and heart and Chicken Recipe with Salmon and added Omega-3 to support healthy skin and a healthy coat. Meaty Morsels refill bags are sold at an SRP of $2.99. A one-of-a-kind cat treat made from a high-protein chicken base formula, Meaty Morsels are moist and tender, bite-sized treats which are easy for cats of all ages to chew. They are made with over 70% real meat, with two layers of meaty goodness and a savory center, and are gently oven-roasted, making them great for disguising pills as well. The soft and delicious treats are made without artificial colors, making them safer for cats.

  • Vitakraft PurrSticks, a tasty and nutritious snack made with real meat and premium ingredients. With over 70% meat, small batch production, and gently oven-roasted ingredients, PurrSticks are sure to have any cat purring with delight. Each stick is segmented with marks which make the treat easy to break apart and easy to portion, so one stick can easily be broken into several to be put inside the Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy. Purrsticks are tender and tasty treats free from artificial colors and flavors. With their chewy texture, they are safe for cats aged three months and older. They are available in two irresistible flavors: Chicken Recipe and Chicken Recipe with Salmon. PurrSticks are sold in 5-packs for an SRP of $3.99.

  • The Lick ‘n’ Lap line, which includes Snacks, Meaty Gravy, and Smooth Jelly, each available in single-serve pouches of Salmon Flavor and Chicken Flavor. The squeezable pouches come in three textures and two flavors to ensure every cat can find their favorite. The pouches are designed for handfeeding, which helps to promote positive bonding between owner and pet. Lick ‘n’ Lap treats are available at an SRP of $3.99.

  • Souprise Snacks, a souper snack for cats with a saucy broth made with real pieces of meat! They are a perfect and palatable way to add liquid to your cat’s diet, as they can be used as an in-between meal snack, or as a food topper for finicky cats and for food transition, due to the high liquid texture. They come in a 4-pack of single-serving squeeze sachets and are available in Chicken Fillet and Salmon Fillet flavors at an SRP of $3.99.


“We have been eager to release our new Vitakraft Puzzler Treat Dispensing Toy to the public, and we’re excited that we are finally able to do so,” says Miguel Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer at Vitakraft. “Quality is always top priority at Vitakraft, so it was important that our first cat toy be a home run winner. We wanted a toy that would be fun for cats while also enriching them mentally, and that’s exactly what we made.”

Vitakraft cat treats can be found at major retailers nationwide, online at Amazon and Chewy, and in local pet stores. For more retail information, including retailers for Vitakraft’s full collection of small-batch cat treats, visit the Vitakraft US website. Plus, find the best tips and advice for cat owners to strengthen the bond with their cats.


About Vitakraft

What began as a small pet food shop in the village of Heiligenrode near Bremen, Germany, over 180 years ago has since developed into one of the most successful companies in the pet care industry, and Vitakraft is now represented by local sales companies in twenty countries worldwide. From the very outset, the company’s philosophy and actions have been guided by one fundamental principle: “For the love of pets.” Since 1837, Vitakraft has been dedicated to the well-being of all animals with a #1 priority of providing high-quality products that ensure all animals receive the perfect diet – just like in the wild. This dedication to quality is why Vitakraft was chosen as People Magazine’s Best Cat Treat of 2022 and is the #1 cat treat in Europe, according to Euromonitor.

Learn more about Vitakraft at ​www.vitakraft.us/cats, on Facebook (Vitakraft USA), and on Instagram (@VitakraftUS).