High Brow Literary Magazine to Broaden Horizons

What’s on the art-crowds coffee tables? For many, it’s the edgy and award-winning design from a relatively unknown new contender in the literary world, but with plenty of art-crowd clout.

The Continental Literary Magazine (TCLM) is a new-ish literary magazine with the nods of artists like Marina Abramović, Noam Chomsky, Ken Liu and European it-writers like Hungarian author Áfra János and many more (all of which have written for the magazine). From the controversies of AI’s to poets in the throes of war, TCLM is creating a globalized salon of discourse.

Each issue of TCLM includes an artist feature. NOIR features black-and-white photos from within New York City’s Chelsea Hotel by photographer and filmmaker Tony Notarberardino while FUTURE features the striking paintings of Romanian-born Botond Keresztesi, which are done on canvas but have a particular digital appearance.

Each issue contains written fiction, nonfiction, and poetry pieces as well as an interview. Want to learn more about Robert Englund’s time with Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street? BEAST is the issue for you! Other interview subjects include Noam Chomsky, Marina Abramović, Abel Ferrara, Fran Lebowitz, and Albert-László Barabási.