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    Event LOVE: @VOCABComm 5th Annual Art of Music Gifting Lounge @MissVOCAB @VOCABLounge


    We got to hang out the VOCAB C0-Ed Gifiting Lounge, which celebrated the 5th annual Art of Music Video Gallery Exhibition and it was so much fun. The weather was so nice, everyone was happy and laughing, the vibe was RIGHT. I loved bumping into some of my favourite people, as well as meet some new ones; it was a good afternoon. We were given an opportunity to check out an exhibit that showcased imagery from the NE Creative Group’s (who were nominated for 11 awards at this year’s MMVAs by the way) favourite video archives. Some of the featured imagery came from directors like RT!, Cazhhmere, David F Mewa, Davin Black and more. The gifting lounge also gave a number of brands a chance to get their products into the hands of Canadian and American celebrities, directors, publicists, producers, stylists, tastemakers and trendsetters during the MMVA’s.20130615_191418

    chilling by the F*CK CANCER booth!20130615_191457



    Love me some pop chips!20130615_192456

    Spent quite a bit of time in the Kings of Past Vintage Eyewear room, you know I love me some glasses, especially when they’re Raybans!20130615_192552


    Mary Kay was in the building, and I was pleased to discover that they actually have an extensive and impressive collection of men’s products.20130615_192720

    Lipgloss and Candy. Perfect match.20130615_192732



    I love when men smile!20130615_193540

    Some of the featured imagery.20130615_193635



    We also got taste Katy Perry’s new pop chips kettle corn chips, and they are so yummy!20130615_194728

    I have the same smile on my face when I get a packet of pop chips!20130615_194741

    This was the perfect drink on such a hot day!

    Always a pleasure running into Tika!20130615_194923

    20130615_195119 Fun times!20130615_195358 Ree ree looking gorgeous as usual!

    Thank you so much to Chrissy and the whole VOCAB Communications team for such a great afternoon, I’m so looking forward to the next one!