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    9to5 Bra

    As most of you know, I do not work a 9to5 but more of a 5to9 🙂 But, nevertheless, kudos to fellow Canadian entrepreneur and innovator. The WINK Intimate company introduces a solution to the no cleavage rule at the work place dilemma.

    New from Wink Intimates, the 9to5 is an innovative bra designed by entrepreneur Andrea Clair that can extend the versatility of any woman’s wardrobe.

    By covering cleavage, while lifting and sculpting the breasts, the 9to5 allows women to wear their lower-cut blouses and dresses into the office and the boardroom – confident they’ll look as professional as they are attractive.

    The 9to5 features an underwire and soft micro-fibre cups. It’s made of polyester, spandex and an attractive fine lace band, and has fully adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are wide enough to prevent pinching, and help create a firm, smooth appearance for the shoulders and back. In addition, the straps are designed at a slight inward angle that keeps them from slipping off the shoulders – eliminating one of the most common complaints about bras.

    Anne Marie Clune, formerly of Holt Renfrew, and one of the product testers: “It feels the way a really good bra should. It’s lightweight, very soft and high quality. It will change the way I shop for clothes!”

    I can find a better way to spend $139 but would you wear it?