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    Yacht Dee-LUXE!

    *singing If I was rich girl, I would buy me a luxury Yacht designed by Elie Saab, and I’d have all the diamonds in the world, If I was I was a wealthy girrrrrrrrrrrl*. lol I’m so silly.
    This is why we heart Katie Lister (Director WEYVES Intl Ltd.); because she keeps us connected with stuff like this! And we love it!

    Fashion really has nooooo boundaries! Just so unstoppable, we heart you!
    So, Couturier Elie Saab recently signed a contract with WEYVES International Ltd, to design three luxurrrrrious MEGA Yachts… Not just any kinda Yacht, THREE Luxurious MEGA Yachts *has chills down spine*
    “I always sought to incarnate my vision of modernity and elegance beyond the conventional limits of fashion… To envision the designs of yachts and to conceive the art of living which accompanies them are an exceptional opportunity to expand a brand’s universe through creating the experience of unsurpassable luxury.”– Elie Saab
    Elie Saab will conceptualize and provide his creative genius in the interior design aspects, as well as the external for these EXCLUSIVE luxury yachts. *singing if I was a rich girl* 
    I can’t wait to see what these MEGA Yachts are gonna look like! Luckily, we don’t have to wait that long, as the first Yacht will be revealed this February at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show! *and the crowd roars!* yeah yeah don’t act like you’re not excited. Even if you can’t afford one of these Yachts, appreciate how someone just like you and me was able to accomplish so many great things through Hard work, recognizing his skills and talent, and making his dream come true. If he can do it, then why can’t we?
    Remember that beautiful burgundy gown Halle Berry wore to the Academy Awards, the night she won for Best Actress back in 2002? Well guess you designed it? That’s right. Elie Saab; he was the first Lebanese designer to dress an Oscar winner. D-O-P-E!
     “We are delighted about this collaboration with the fashion house of Elie Saab, a designer and a brand that fits naturally within the context of extreme luxury… A design project of this nature enables the couturier to express the universe of Elie Saab in the form of interior design and the art of living”– Donald Potard explains for WEYVES COUTURE
    I too, am delighted!