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    What Up With Joaquin?

    While home sicky-icky, I stumbled across this flick on Joaquin Phoenix called “I’m Still Here” and couldn’t help but hold the channel… shot in documentary-style, the camera follows Joaquin (pronounced WAH-keen) and his battle with drugs after his announcement to leave acting and focus on a RAP career.

    Catch the official trailer…
    I won’t spoil the film, but I will tell you that I couldn’t resist doing more research and (while it was totally worth watching) theres more to this story… First, I was literally in tears watching, as Joaquin Phoenix is an actor that I literally grew up with; my Mum and her friends were a huge fan of himself as well as his brother, River Phoenix, who’s tragic overdose was tossed across the media in the early ’90s. Truth is… the film is a mok-u-mentary that Phoenix and directing partner Casey Affleck created to explore famosity, the relationship of the media and the consumer by literally exposing the celebrity. This was done, under the awareness of very few people, to make it all the more real… and impactful!