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    Share Your World With @PictoramaApp

    If you’re anything like me, you love taking pictures of anything and everything with your iPhone. With applications like Instagram and PicStitch, it’s easy to share photos. Now there’s a simple way to share AND make money off your photos.

    Pictorama is the first iPhone application that allows users to earn money with their smartphone pictures. It allows users to sell their pictures on their marketplace where international buyers can get stock photos that can be time and geo-tagged for half the price of a traditional microstock agency.


    Here’s how it works — Download the Pictorama App and become a part of their community. Rate pictures, and follow photographers that inspire you. Explore pictures currently on the marketplace for ideas. Take pictures of what you like and be creative! Once you have great pictures, just add categories and keywords and upload them to the App. Then the community and experts will take a look and upload them to the marketplace. From then on, you get a revenue share each time one of your pictures is sold. It’s as simple as that.