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    (NY) Leopard Mascara

    I went to a Chinese Dollarstore in Toronto (Brimley and Sheppard) and found my new favourite mascara. It has a leopard packaging and it is called 2x Flamingo Volumizing Mascara Lash Extension.  It’s a gel fiber tubing mascara. I have never used anything like this before… It really rivals anything in my traincases and makeup bags. 

    You can buy it on EBAY for $9. I got it for $3.
    But in my Google search, I found a few other brands with ‘Leopard Macaras”
    Helena Rubenstein

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    Last month when I went to NYC, I got to immerse myself in the genius scent labs of Givaudan. I am SO excited to announce their new iPhone app called iPerfumer!  Basically what it does is give you suggestions of that perfect new summer scent for you or whoever you are buying from! I can’t wait to try this. I love it. My boo say he loves Comme des Garcon and Issey Miyake… so for his bday, this will help me select just the right cologne that he will love.  Cool right??  Download it here.

    Here is the official press release below:
    Finding your perfect fragrance just got easier.

    Givaudan, the industry-leading perfumery house, have created a unique tool to help individuals select their perfect fragrance. Now available for free download from Apple App Store, iPerfumer is the first mobile perfume recommendation tool and is set to revolutionize fragrance buying.

    Offering individuals tailored advice on which perfumes to try, iPerfumer removes the confusion that often surrounds choosing perfume. Revolutionary in its approach, iPerfumer is a personal fragrance consultant in your pocket. It provides fragrance recommendations to help make informed choices, either for yourself, or when buying gifts for others.

    Busy modern lifestyles and a need to bargain hunt have led to a rise in internet sales of perfume. Great for finding bargains, the internet removes traditional fragrance sampling from the purchasing experience. At the same time mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives and are no longer simply used as communication tools – instead they have become hand-held media centres and information devices. Sid Shah, Givaudan Head of Internet Technology and Innovation, connected market and technological developments with an individual need for guidance when buying perfume. “This is especially important when perfumes are bought without the opportunity to smell them and may be a way to connect with younger individuals.”

    The iPerfumer App gives people the opportunity to learn about fragrance and buy in an informed way. After a personal profile is created in iPerfumer, it can be used to view favorites or to shortlist fragrances best-suited to the user’s individual character. Multiple profiles can be created – allowing individuals to create one for friends and family, to help with gift-giving, as well as for themselves. The “Top Rated” function allows iPerfumer users to see which fragrances have been most highly rated by the iPerfumer community, in effect harnessing peer recommendation.

    Information from Miriad® 2.0, winner of this year’s FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance Creation & Formulation, is the foundation of the database of over 4000 prestige perfumes currently included in iPerfumer. Maurizio Volpi, Marketing Director at Givaudan Fragrances explains “Many people are daunted when choosing fragrance and either walk away or buy the same perfume every time because it is a safe choice. Our research shows that young people particularly are not becoming fragrance buyers, but they love technology. iPerfumer is a means of sharing our professional understanding of fragrance with consumers and is a meaningful step towards engaging a new generation of perfume enthusiasts.”

    Here are a few of my favorites… put it in the app and tell me what you recommend for me!

    *** ATTN NYC bloggers ***
    At the Givaudan Fine Fragrance Creative Studio
    40 W 57th Street, 11th Floor, NYC
    Tuesday, July 13th or Wednesday, July 14th
    9AM, 11AM, 2PM, or 4PM (You pick your time)
    RSVP to Christina Feggoudakis

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    More Divaliciousness!

    Toronto’s most Divalicious summer event is back for round 2!! For my familiar divas, Why should you go? Well because I said so lol, but also because… you can get your party on, while gettin your pretty on with the beauty services that will be offered throughout the night! You can get your hair done, nails done, there’ll be tonnes of vendors featuring our fabulous local designers, and MORE! Newbies you should go too! So when and where? Thursday August 5th, Roosevelt Room, 6-9pm. I think you should go! You should GOOOO…. oh there will also be $5 Divalicious Martinis AND a live fashion show! F-U-N!

    ps: This year’s sequel features a fashion-forward twist courtesy of Shop Socials.

    The event is hosted by Shop Socials, and there will be lots of free giveaways and door prizes! So make sure you guys go out and get your mingle on with over250 Divas!

    Get your tickets here! (ps: they are cheaper before the 10th!)
    stay classy ladies 🙂
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    Lashes Hookup!

    Attention makeup artists and beauty artists.. Here is a must have. A lot of people approach me and ask me where I get my lashes. They are great quality, terrific in photos and cheap enough to use all the time. Affordable beauty trends stem from Asia! Asian girls in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong.. etc wear these everywhere and everyday! PS: If you are every looking for anything made in china, check alibaba.com. Recession = opportunity for entrepreneurs!

    They are really easy to put on once you have practiced.
    1, curl your lashes.
    2, put a thin strip of lash glue (duo is my fave).
    3, WAIT about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, the voila! DOLL FACE

    If you are in the Toronto area, hit up my girl Lucy for cases of lashes for $20! Tell her I sent you and get $5 OFF

    Lucy – Wei Wei Cosmetics (US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea)
    222 Spadina Ave 2nd Floor Counter# 7. Go up the escalator and turn LEFT!

    Unapologetic-ly glamorous – like errr’day

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    Today I went to visit the brand spanking new Winks – Toronto’s first lash bar. It’s just off the Danforth – You can either get off at Chester and walk right or Broadview and walk left. The address is 272A Danforth on the northside, up the stairs and hang-a-left. After reading about Winks on WWW, I went to pay the girls a visit and got some wam bam bat bat bat’s!
    I love wearing lashes and even though I have long lashes by typical ‘Asian” standards, I like to turn it up an extra megawatt with some DUO & falsies. But for $55, you can get these bad boys and they last up to 2 months! www.winksboutique.com

    This is a major trend in Korea, Japan and China. So Toronto girls, listen up! There are 3 kinds: Individuals, Flares, Decor – Mine are ‘individuals’ ($150). Perfect for a special occasion… like Tuesday! You know it’s a special occasion up in here like e’ry day! These would look dope with the Circle Lens, I blogged about in Oct 08.

    Beauty… when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart. ~Nate Dircks

    And finally.. From my favorite cartoonist of all time – Jason Logan from his book “If we break up, this would be my book”

    Mention HEYDOYOU and get 25% off 🙂
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    Oriental Mix

    Living here in Toronto, sometimes I get so wrapped in US Weekly, YBF and theSuperficial that I forget I am Chinese! My mom is from futuristic and affluent island Hong Kong (hello fashion capital!) and my dad is from the arts and culture hub of Shanghai (hello Vegas of China). There is no denying that the influences of Hollywood and BET shape fashion trends and define the street style here in Toronto – but there is a whole entire nation pushing fashion forward – Asia! I found some famous Japanese pop stars by a quick Google search and realize that supercute + sexy = lethal! I am lucky because I am an Asian girl – besides having pin straight hair that just grows and grows and loves being dyed, permed, styled AND being smooth as a peach without much thought – I AM PLAIN. Asian girls have very plain features, innocent looks and therefore very versatile – Our looks that can be transformed by any hair, makeup, clothing, lighting and of course attitude. I would say my style is heavily influenced by Japanese street fashion, hiphop honeys and my imagination.

    JJ Magazine is something I treat myself to once in a while – It is the fashion Bible of Japan, like Vogue on estacsy. It is about $33 and is an eternal lookbook – from outrageous to classy, to era inspired, to music inspired, to the ‘office-lady’ look to harajuku girls… If you want to know what’s gonna be popping in Summer 2011, just look at last months JJ magazine.

    I always go back to my cultural roots to maximize my style and wardrobe. What influences your style?

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