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    Statement Jewelry

    It’s winter! So save your window shopping for ‘windows’ shopping aka. online shopping!
    Look what I found today and lust for! Statement jewelry goes best with monochromatic colour schemes and slinky black dresses. In the book How to Talk to Anyone, they advise you to always wear something that is a conversational piece (a What’s it). Check out the chapter titled: How to subliminally lure people to you at a gathering. Next time you go out, wear that flower on your shoulder, or those red shoes, or that gold bracelet! That way people have an ‘excuse’ to strike up a conversation with you and makes it less awkward. Also in a networking setting where most people are conservatively dress, one piece can really make you stand out. The Stylelist has something to say about statement jewelry.

    Eva knows what I’m talking about!

    You can buy this for £7.75! How much is that again? About $12 I think!
    click here to buy it and buy me one too 🙂

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