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    Embrace CHAOS with @AXECanada

    I received this box recently, and couldn’t help but be curious about the “chaos” that lay within it. So I opened the box and long story short, there were two AXE sprays and one was for women. I didn’t know AXE made sprays for women???? The brand is known for helping the guys smell good, but now with new launch of Anarchy For Her, the girls can smell good too 🙂

    I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect, and was a little skeptical about even trying it out… BUT when it comes to anything even remotely fragrance related, I can’t help myself. So I tried it out, and was pleasantly surprised. AXE Anarchy For Her is a gentle and fresh scent with a subtle sweetness. It is a mix of sparkling fruity notes, soft florals, and a light finish of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Yummy.

    I asked Kyle Marancos, Brand Building Manager for AXE to tell me about the story behind AXE Anarchy for women, and this is what he had to say:

    What brought about the idea for AXE Anarchy for women?

    We have a very supportive female fan base – and they’ve told us over and over again that they want their ownAXE product – so we made one for them.

    What is the inspiration behind the scent?
    Fragrances can have a powerful effect on the opposite sex.  Our goal, with the launch of AXE Anarchy, is to provide both guys and girls with the spark they need to act on their mutual attraction – and unleash a little chaos in the process. 

    Why the name AXE Anarchy? 

    We all know that moment – whether it’s happened to us or not – when two people are so attracted to each other that nothing else matters. AXE Anarchy is a catalyst, meant to inspire guys and girls to act on their mutual attraction.

    What does it mean to “embrace chaos?”
    Anarchy, similar to attraction, can be chaotic. With the launch of AXE Anarchy, we’re encouraging guys and girls to act on their attraction, and unleash a little chaos in the process. Sometimes attraction is chaos – but it can be good chaos.

    There you have it!

    Have you already embraced the chaos?


    ps: AXE Anarchy For Him and For Her are both available as body sprays. Anarchy For Him is also available as a deodorant, anti-perspirant, shower gel and 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner.

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    Look what I got 1:NEW Axe Hair Care

    So when I received this “secret” package, I was definitely VERY curious and VERY excited to see what was inside! Lauren from Harbinger asked me if I was interested in trying out AXE’s new hair care line for men on a lucky man, and you KNOW I was MORE than happy to.

    Um so because I am VERY particular about what goes into my hair, I skipped the shampoo, and because I rock a short do oh-so-fabulously, I jumped right onto the AXE… pomade.
    And I LOVE IT! It’s not sticky, smells great, doesn’t flake, gives hair an awesome shine, AND it gives hair MOVE-ABILITY! I know it’s for men, but seeing as some of my product have fallen victim to a man; it was time I had my revenge. Lol

    I did however get the man to try the shampoo… one word. WINNER. You’ll love it cause it’ll leave your scalp/hair clean and smelling fresh, she’ll love it cause you’re hair will smell GREAT! You both win:)
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    I am totally guilty of this! I love showering… So now I limit my showers to 7 minutes! But did you know the average 19-24 year-old showers 11 minutes a day – using 220 litres of water per shower?? To make matters worse, this same age group averages 7 showers a week, resulting in 1540 litres of water used per individual. 

    In an attempt to raise awareness about the very serious issue of water conservation, AXE is encouraging Canadians to drop their towels at the door this April 22nd and give Showerpooling a try.

    Showerpooling promotes water conservation by encouraging groups of like-minded individuals to share their showers and save a valuable natural resource in the process.

    Currently, only 35% of Canadians have tried Showerpooling, with Atlantic Canadians proving to be the most green-minded of us all, averaging 2.5 showerpools per week.

    Become a fan of Axe here -> http://www.facebook.com/axecanada

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    HeyDoYou x Axe Summer Gig

    “We know that connecting with girls plays a major part in a young guy’s life… Our Consumer Consultants will give guys the support they need to succeed – from both sides of the gender divide.” – Greg Major, AXE Canada

    “Beyond a summer of unforgettable personal and professional experiences, each AXE Canada Consumer Consultant will receive a $10,000 salary, awesome individual apartments in downtown Toronto and a ton of sweet perks.” AXE Canada
    As you can see by the videos, I had LOTS of fun meeting/interviewing Tatomme Flanagan! Fun girl, super down to earth, and she’s soooo cute!
    AXE Canada has put five guys and five girls to the test to determine which two candidates will win the summer job of a lifetime and become the brand’s first-ever Consumer Consultants. The biggest part of this job requires the Consumer Consultants to document their experiences even exploits on their personal blog; this will provide the rest of the world with a glimpse into the lives of the “young and single”.  Did I mention they’ll each get a $10,000 salary!? Yeah.
    Six of the 10 finalists, are Ontario residents; Lauren O’Neil, 24, Jamie Neefs, 19, Maddi Rundle, 22, Brandi MacDonald, 19, Tatomme Flanagan, 19, and Max Marcus, 21.
    These LUCKY Consumer Consultants will:
    • Research the Canadian dating landscape, i.e. date and tell.
    • Scoop thoughts and opinions from like-minded Canadian guys and girls.
    • Organize consumer insight events… think ‘man den’ and ‘girls night in’ on bigger budgets.
    • Represent their peers by providing insight to the AXE Canada team.
    • Add their personal touch, roll with the punches and rise to the occasion.
    Voting ends March 31st!!