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    Blue Jays LOVE

    A few weeks ago, a yummy tanned man, walked into my work, and this is how the conversation went… Me: How come you’re so tan, and it’s not even summer yet? (At the time, Toronto wasn’t hot enough for him to be that tan) Him: It’s because I’m from Miami. Me: Oh, so what are you doing in Toronto? Him: I work at the rogers centre. Me: Okay, doing what? Him: Serving water Me: * wondering when water boys got so damn cute* Okay well have a good day. Him: *laughs* and leaves. Ricky Romero, Myself, and J.P Arencibia After he left, my co-worker runs up to me, and says,…

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    Blue Jays Fitted

    Last night Chelle & I took Caleb & Taiya over to the Remix Project where our friends from 1LoveTO had put together a photoshoot for an upcoming project with NE Blue Jays Fitted hats. The kids had an awesome time at the shoot hanging out amongst other Creatives; surrounded by cameras, macs, and familiar faces they were in their glory! We are soooo excited to see the result of the final project! Shout out to Brock, Fresh & Photo Will for keeping us company and showing them such a good time! xoxo 1LoveTO  

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    Oh Breezy…

    I got this naughty/dirty little fascination with Chris Brown… that baby face, angelic voice, coupled with those gyrations, and even the tattoos just make me wanna…Aaaaaaanyway, check C.Breezy rockin a Jays fitted while partyin’ it up at Echelon 3000 in ATL. Now all he needs to do is come and do a private show for MOI, and we’ll be goodie 🙂So damn delicious!I got like 2 or 3 years on him, but… “age ain’t nothin but a number” ha ha ha#TEAMBREEZY ALL DAY ♥♥Bella♥ *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*