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    Bag of Chips might looks like a snack size bag of chips from the store, but don’t be fooled! There is a solid press-your-luck style game inside!

    Bag of Chips is a party game in which you will face crucial choices to ensure maximum points. Bet on which chips will come next, then draw from the bag! Be careful, if you’re too daring, you can lose a lot. Each round lasts only a few minutes. You can quickly become addicted to this push-your-luck game!

    This game is a quick to play and easy to learn game where you gamble on which chips are coming out of the bag. Each round lasts only a few minutes. You can quickly become addicted to this push-your-luck game! This betting / gambling game is made of high-quality cards and tokens and comes in a very durable foiled bag that serves as packaging and chips drawing bag.

    This 2 to 5 player game can be enjoyed by parents playing with their children as well as adults, also plays very well as a 2 players game. Best recommended for ages 8 & Up.

    HOW TO PLAY: Bag of Chips uses Hand Management and Push your Luck mechanisms. Bet on which chips will come next by discarding a card or keeping it if you believe the condition will be met by the end of the round, then draw chips from the bag! After 4 rounds count points based on the 2 cards you bet would win, and the one card you hoped wouldn’t win!

    INCLUDES: 36 Cards, 25 Chips Tokens, 16 Victory Tokens, 4 Board Cards and easy to read illustrated rules.

    Draw the chips from the bag like you would grab a handful of your favorite snack! This game creates a strong connection between playing a game with chips and eating flavored chips, with an added poker feel


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    DISC COVER – A party game where people have to match music and a disc cover

    Music brings people together, and the music you listen to sounds like you! In Disc Cover, turn up the volume and travel through the musical worlds of your friends and family. Match the best cover to the song you’ve chosen or identify the one selected by the other players.

    Between cacophony and harmony, will you manage to match each member of your entourage?

    In Disc Cover, turn up the volume and travel through music and images by sharing your playlist:

    1 – Play music of your choice.
    2 – Match it with the best cover or identify the one selected by the other players.
    3 – Reveal your choices to score points.

    Match up with everyone around you to win!

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    Junk Jumble Fun Memory Kids Board Game – Kids and Family Friendly Educational Game by Blue Orange Games

    You have delayed cleaning your room for a while… there is junk in all your drawers! Luckily with your eagle eyes you will spot whatever is needed in no time! Flip checklist cards to find out which objects you need to find to complete your task. Take turns with your friends peeking into the drawers of your choice, and call it out when you think you know where each item is. Win pin tokens when everything you need is found in the jumble!

    Junk Jumble, this fun board game is designed to develop memory, focus and attention, and strengthens social skills. It is easy to understand (no reading required) and plays in the box! The packaging is an adorable kids bedroom dresser that includes 4 drawers and the ‘’junk’’ is illustrated on 40 high quality cardboard tokens.

    At the beginning of a round, decide on how many pieces of junk you think you will be able to find this round. The more you choose the harder it will be! Then each turn, look inside the drawer of your choice trying to locate your items. When a player looks inside a drawer, everybody else can look, they just cannot touch! When you think you have located your junk objects, announce the locations and check the drawers to confirm. Earn pin tokens when all your junk is found!

    Junk Jumble makes the perfect all in one board game with easy to follow instructions for children and parents alike. Help develop memory, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills with this beautifully illustrated board game for kids. For 1-5 players, perfect for ages 5+.

    This board game INCLUDES 1 Dresser with 4 Drawers, 40 Checklist Cards, 4 Drawer Cards, 5 Backpack Cards, 40 Object Tokens, 40 Pin Tokens and kid friendly instructions. Junk Jumble makes a great addition to your classic kindergarten, homeschool or classroom learning toys and games collection.

    Junk Jumble is part of the Blue Orange Award winning preschool game collection including Pengoloo, Chickyboom, Gobblet Gobblers. Blue Orange offers some of the best board games for kids with games like Dr. Eureka, Fastrack, Kingdomino.