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    Wake up and feel amazing about yourself with Bravity

    There’s nothing like waking up, ready to seize the day and all that it may throw at you. However, as soon as you step in front of the mirror your mood sours. Why? It’s those unsightly wrinkles and creases creeping up your cleavage. Bravity knows the feeling all too well, but fret not! Finally, there’s a way to reduce cleavage wrinkles and creases once and for all.

    Meet the world’s only anti-wrinkle sleep bra! Bravity® is NOT your standard support bra. Regular bras today only support your chest and keep your breasts in place. Bravity prevents new wrinkles and creases and helps relieve the wrinkles you can develop when your breasts fall on top of each other at night. Have you ever woken up with deep creases in your chest that can take all day to disappear? That is what Bravity prevents!

    The creator, Andrea Castaneda, believes in aging with grace. Andrea woke up one morning with that horrible crease on her chest- she immediately looked for a solution. Special pillows were not working. She needed something comfortable and soft to wear overnight. After years of research and some help, Bravity was born! These wrinkles can happen at any age! It depends on the fatty tissue in your chest and your lymphatic system overnight.

    In a Princeton Consumer Research clinical trial, 30 different women all reported a reduction in the lines they had after wearing a Bravity® bra for just one month! From winning the Women Inventor of the Year 2016 award at INPEX to being chosen as an As Seen On TV official product and invited to the exclusive Innovator’s Think Tank, Bravity® is changing lives for the better one bra at a time.

    BraviSport Women Sport Bra With Breast Support Separation – YES To The Workout, NO to The Uniboob! BraviSport is a Padded Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra with racer-back straps that gives you support and full range of motion during your workout. It’s Unique Front Y-shape Bravity design limits breast compression, preventing the formation of lines and creases on the cleavage area. BraviSport provides snug but not restrictive support, it has removable pads for custom shape and comfort and its smooth elastic hem band offers a soft and secure fit. 

    • Imported
    • Padded Women’s Medium Support Sports Bra
    • Unique Y-Shaped Breast Separation Design to Prevent Lines on the Cleavage
    • Racer-Back Straps give Support and Full Range of Motion During Workout
    • Removable Pads for Custom Shape and Comfort
    • Smooth Elastic Hem Band Offers Soft and Secure Fit

    The founder Andrea created Bravity because she believe in aging with grace. For women, aging should be a beautiful – not fearsome – process. Your cleavage is an area of the body that, when not tended to properly, can make you look much older than you really are. Bravity was designed to help you match your body to the incredible woman that you are. Now there’s a Natural And Safe option to prevent and diminish those bothersome lines, and while you sleep! Bravity’s vision is to encourage you to Look And Feel Your Absolute Best, so you can start your day with the confidence you deserve. Don’t allow pesky details like a crease on your cleavage hold you back from accomplishing what you are capable of. Start whatever fulfills you and look amazing while doing it!