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    Brazen Hussy

    Hi Hussies! I love you guys and you inspire me xoxo

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Guys & Dolls

    Had such a great time on Friday night at Guys & Dolls presented by Lost in the Willderness and Brazen Hussy. After getting through a diecieving quiet entrance, the flights (and flights) of stairs eventually lead you to the top… an orange-hued rooftop, very LA. poolside… very LA. Everyone in the spot is laced in their trendiest ensembles, some simple… many coming HARD… very Toronto!
    The vibe is right, the crowd is cool and everyone is having a good time! Positive people! I love it! Big xoxo to Brazen Hussy & Lost in the Willderness for hosting! Special Happy B-day to KiKi. Musical score by DJ Mensa, Wristpect and Sir Lancelot was hectic… they brought Hannah Montana out and ran ‘a Jay Z song’ after, if u don’t already know…ask! Such good company with the Bossy Girls, Caitlin & Vili! Giggles with Tika & Reese! Exchanging complements with Daniele! xoxo to Fresh for working it out as always… and big xoxo’s to re-uniting with ALL the faces that I haven’t seen in a while!!!
    Lastnight I was peeping photos of the night on Will’s blog (click here) and stumbled across a video! It was soooo cute and funny I had to share it with all of you… so proud of this city!!! **twisted mouth smirk** xoxo

    http://vimeo.com/7667907 from PHOTO WILL on Vimeo.