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    Awesome Experience At Lab B – Taiwanese Bubble Tea Festival

    Living in New York is a great thing because you always have some fun things to check out. Especially New York is a multi-culture city, which means we can experience and enjoy the different cultures. As you know bubble tea is becoming more and more popular in New York.  But do you really know about bubble tea? Do you know where does it come from? Now there is a good opportunity for you to have a better idea about bubble tea!


    Welcome to Taiwanese Bubble Tea Festival – Lab.B. The Taiwanese Collective has teamed up to create Lab B, an immersive, multi-sensory playground that explores Taiwan’s most popular culinary creation – bubble tea! Think of Lab B as part funhouse, part exhibition, and part tea shop, where you can create, play, and learn while sipping on your favorite flavor of bubble tea.


    Lulu went to Lab.B this afternoon,

    it was a wonderful experience.

    First, when you come into the entrance,

    you can read a whole knowledge of the history of bubble tea.

    And then, cute photos time! Remember to Instagram them~Of course I did!

    Now let us start to taste the bubble teas from the most popular five bubble tea stores in New York.

    Coco & Bar Pa Tea

    Gong Cha & Kiss Tea & Ten Ren’s Tea

    Now it is the most excited moment – DIY your own Bubble Tea!

    Pick a jar and make your label

    So many Toppings & Flavors

    Mine is Matcha mixed with Taro

    So magical to mix my two favorite flavors together


    You should come to check out this super cute lab, and make your own best flavor of bubble tea! You only have the chance on this Sunday because it only opens for this weekend. But I believe they will have more events coming in the future. If you want to know more, you can check their website: https://bubbletea.nyc/ .