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    The Go-Giver

    An accidental meeting of a new friend at Shangri-La earlier this week has me reading the Go-Giver. Here is a quote from the book that I resonate with:

    Does it make money? is not a bad question. It is a great question. It’s just a bad first question. It starts you off pointed in the wrong direction. The first question should be: Does it serve? Does it add value to others? If they answer is yes, then you can go ahead and ask: Does it make money

    Read more here www.thegogiver.com

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    Flud Watches

    Many networking and business skill books mention that it is important to always have a ‘what’s it’ when you are out and about. Whether is it that interesting tie, a unique hair accessory, a punch of color in your wardrobe or an interesting pin on your lapel or crazy shoes… the ‘what’s it’ is a great conversation starter. From the book, How to Talk to Anyone¬†they suggest you always always have something like this when you are any event and also take notice of other people’s ‘what’s it’.

    A great spring summer ‘what’s it’ I totally dig is the fresh FLUD watch. They are perfect for industry types like us when we are out and about. You always know what time it is, you have a dope accessory and you keep them guessing.

    Here are my top picks:
    #1. Boom Box

    #2. Turn Tables

    #3. Big Ben

    Mine’s on the way! Guess which one I got!