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    Smells like SUCCESS!

    The Canadian launch for Cadillac- The New Fragrance for Men last night was a success! There were so many people there including Beauty Contact CEO/President; Alwyn Stephen. We were given a full introduction to the line, and were treated to delicious cocktails and tasty hors d’oeuvres!

    Alwyn Stephen (Pres. & CEO Beauty Contact) and I

    Alwyn and his lovely wife 🙂

    The bottle just demands attention! All sparkly like a Cadillac!

    Smells sooo GOOD!

    Marben provided us with some tasty treats!


    Julia Che and I

    I had no idea these guys were The Stereos when I was taking this picture!
    super cute!

    Good times!

    The lovely host for the evening. Killin’ them in that red dress!

    The new fragrance for men will comprise of:

    100ml Edt Spray
    50ml Edt Spray
    100ml After Shave
    100ml Edp Lux
    50ml Edp Lux
    100ml Edt Black Limited Edition
    30ml Travel Edition
    75ml Deodorant Stick
    100ml Hair & Body Wash
    Gift Sets (2pcs & 3pcs)

    Everything from the packaging, to the shape of the bottle and the smell of the fragrance is on point. It doesn’t have that over-powering manly smell; instead, it’s rich, warm, and fresh with just the right amount of masculinity.
    Congratulations to Cadillac and to Beauty Contact for doing a fine job!

    We got to leave with fun swag bags that contained a 100ml Edt Spray and other goodies! Fun times as always!

    For more pictures click here!