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    HCB #14: Food makeover!

    mmmm golden deliciousness!
    I needed to stop myself from unleashing a can of whoop ass on my vaio!… so I decided to bake while Youtube SLOWLY uploaded my videos… *kissing teeth!*
    The videos were STILL uploading, so I figured I’d do a little piping…
    Happy cooking!

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*
    ps: Feel like cake, but don’t wanna bake? I also do custom cake orders for the low low LOL, get at me 🙂

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    Dessert on your Face

    Cake on your face is only fun when your makeup isn’t ruin but.. dessert on your face and body seems to be the business these days. Have you heard of CAKE? This line is Canadian. They have collaborated with Barbie and Cake has all sorts of scrumptious scents for body products and makeup.

    Then i saw this Open Sundae‘s line. It’s hand made and Canadian too! I love the packaging and the concept. I think these are the best presents you can buy someone for birthdays and housewarming!
    Then I saw this Dylan’s Candy shop stuff. I first smelled this in the Sephora at Hollywood and Highland. I like it for the first 10 seconds then it was just too sickly sweet. 
    Then of course there is Philosophy with their dessert scented bath products. I don’t mind these because they wash off. But, i never feel truly clean when im scrubbed with ‘cake’.  

    What do you think? Do you like dessert smelling body products?