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    Playing Peek A Boo With Minnie Mouse And Meeting The New Best Friend CakePop Cuties

    I believe there’s no kid would say they don’t like Peek A Boo. All the parents admit this point. But parents can’t play this game with their kids all the time. The reason is very simple, because we are adults and we always forget. There is a genius idea to make your kids feel happy all the time with their favorite games. Just bringing them a lovely toy which can play Peek A Boo with them. I will say Mickey mouse or Minnie probably will be the best choice.

    How cute it is! It will be your kids’ best friend!

    Disney Baby Peek-A-Boo Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

    Little ones will love to play peek-a-boo with the Disney Baby Peek-A-Boo Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! Press Mickey or Minnie’s feet activate soothing music and adorable Peek-A-Boo hand motions! Each dressed in a sweet onesie, Peek-A-Boo Mickey and Minnie are made with super soft and cuddly fabrics that babies will love snuggling up to. They are the perfect gift to brighten any baby’s day! Sold separately. Manufacturer: Just Play, Ages 9 months+, SRP $24.99

    Here has another perfect gift for the little ones who love mysteries. Finding the cutie toys form a lollipop! Sounds super fun, right?

    CakePop Cuties™

    You’ll never meet treats sweeter than the CakePop Cuties! These lovable characters are deliciously cute to display and a treat to squish. Discover a mystery squishy foam Cutie in each delectably decorated cake pop! Available as a Single Pop (one squishy character and accessory) or a Multipack (three exclusive squishy characters), CakePop Cuties are a sugar rush of colorful squishy fun to collect, play, and display!  Want more CakePop Cuties?  Catch our weekly episodes on YouTube!  Manufacturer: Basic Fun!, Ages 4+, SRP $4.99-$9.99