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    The "new" Marky Mark!

    Back when I was little girl (6), I used to sit in my aunt’s (17 at the time) room and just stare at her HUGE Marky Mark poster. Don’t ask me why; all I know is after I got bored of playing with my Barbies, I’d find my way to my aunt’s room and just stare…Now that I’m older, I have a better understanding of why I got that “warm fuzzy feeling” every time I looked at that poster…

    At the time I had no idea how successful this ad was or the wonders it did for CK underwear sales; but it makes perfect sense that CK would do a remake, and give us another “Marky Mark” for the new year!

    Twilight cutie Kellan Lutz recently signed a contract with Calvin Klein underwear, to be “the new Marky Mark.” A CK insider says they plan to make the ads very similar to the previous ones… I guess their hoping it’ll get them the same attention… ahem sales. I think he has the body down pat, but he doesn’t have that adorable smile that Mark Walhberg had… but I guess we’ll just have to see.I don’t know ladies, do you think he can pull it off? I mean what are we gonna call him? Kelly Kellan? argh!
    Happy Hump Day!
    One more day till 2010 baby!!