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    Staying Inside and Doing A Craft Project

    With the new Spring season quickly approaching, crafting season is in full gear! Cara & Co. is a one-stop-shop for the latest silicone and wood craft supplies. A favorite brand that DIY crafters have been loving for years, they have the cutest bead kits for the creative ladies in your life! It’s the perfect gift for birthday or the coming Valentine’s Day, especially with all of us spending more time at home lately.

    Standard Craft Kits

    This STANDARD kits include a huge range of amazing products so you can craft all sorts of projects – including soother clips, keychains, lanyards, necklaces, bracelets and more – all beautifully coordinated so you don’t need to sort through the thousands of options on Cara & Co. website!

    You can get STRAIGHT TO CRAFTING with this custom designed kits that contain everything you need!  Choose from the gorgeous range of color themes, and enjoy the fantastic craft project. Each kit comes with a wide variety of amazing craft supplies to help you start creating and designing your all your favorite projects- soother clips, necklaces, bracelets, key-chains, lanyards and much more!  Great for parties or gifts as well, as each kit is beautifully packaged and branded!

    Each kit contains a variety of the following:  approximately 140+ silicone beads in various styles including: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm round silicone beads, 14mm & 17mm hexagon silicone beads, various accent silicone beads, crochet and/or wood accent beads, lanyard clips, pacifier clips, breakaway clasps, keyrings, muslin packaging bags and a 25metre bundle of cord.

    Kids’ Craft Kits

    KIDS’ kits are the perfect way to let children’s imaginations soar as they get creative with all sorts of Cara & Co. popular beads in fun textures and colors! Each kit comes with a variety of exciting supplies so kids can enjoy developing their crafting and fine motor skills as they craft their own necklaces, keychain/lanyard clips, bracelets and more! Choose from the exciting range of color themes, plus enjoy fantastic craft project. Each kit comes with a variety of fun supplies to help kids enjoy and develop their crafting skills by making a range of items- necklaces, bracelets, key-chain/lanyard clips and more!  Great for parties or gifts as well, as the kits come beautifully packaged and branded.

    Each kit contains a variety of the following:  approximately 90+ silicone beads in a variety of the following: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm round silicone beads, 17mm hexagon silicone beads, various accent/character silicone beads, various colors in cord, lanyard clips and breakaway clasps.

    Small Business Starter Package

    This Small Business Starter Package is the perfect way for you to have the key samples, supplies, tools, accessories, packaging and knowledge you will need for starting your own incredible hand-made business! Valued at over $450, enjoy immediate savings of over $100 off the regular cost of the included products!  A perfect way to start your new business adventure with everything you need to prepare, plan and craft!

    Don’t forget to checkout our DIY TUTORIAL page for all sorts of ideas for your new business!

    Small Business Starter Package comes with TWO KITS:

    • SAMPLE KIT:  In this kit, you will find everything you need for a hands-on look at the broad range of product! Cara & Co. samples help you plan for future product designs, purchases and expanding your business.

    Cara & Co. sample kit includes the following:  variety of packaging samples, wood rings and pendant samples, wood bead samples, clips & clasps samples, fabric, felt, crochet accessory samples, keyrings, lanyards, tassels, carabiner samples, MAM attachment samples, silicone teether sample, cording & string samples, color cord sample, and the exclusive Knot Gripper tool!  Watch knot gripper tutorial here! 

    • SUPPLY KIT: This kit includes an incredible amount and variety of product so that you can get creating right away! Featuring the exclusive colors and designs, you will have plenty of supplies to begin crafting and developing your new business!

    Cara & Co. supply kit includes the following:  12mm round silicone beads x140, 15mm round silicone beads x70, 19mm round silicone beads x 35, 14mm hexagon silicone beads x 20, 17mm hexagon silicone beads x20, round wood beads (miscellaneous sizes) x80, Alphabet silicone letter beads x70, accent silicone beads x50, character silicone beads x45, breakaway clasps x20, round metal clips x20, lanyard clips x5, key-rings x5, 50meters regular cord bundle

    Welcome to the world of DIY silicone bead teething & crafting! It’s a wonderful hand-made shop & makers business world, full of potential and creativity!

    Dreaming of a new crafting project? Looking for the perfect gift to send to someone special? Need a fun and creative motor-skill development activity for your kids? Cara & Co. is a North America’s one-stop shop for the latest designs & highest quality chewable silicone supplies. At Cara & Co. you can expect a great shopping experience, incredible selection and the best customer service!