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    Spoil Her this Valentine’s Day with Jewelry from Cartameb II

    Are you searching for the perfect gift for her to share with your audience this Valentine’s Day? If so, the luxurious, handmade jewelry from from Cartameb II is the perfect addition to your gift guide. The Los Angeles-based brand is redefining eco-friendly fashion accessories for the modern day woman.

    Founded in 2016 by Designer Tamara Lipscomb, Cartameb II is an eco-conscious brand, celebrating uniqueness and individuality. Each piece is made with natural fibers, minimizes the use of heavy metals and are made with plant-based dyes, only. Featuring pieces that range from subtle to bold, make a statement with your jewelry this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

    Cartameb II Features:

    • Moonlit Sky – Tassel Necklace: This long, surprisingly lightweight statement necklace is made from heather grey rope and natural fibers of 100% cotton, with the tassel enclosed by a bell shaped copper pendant
    • Sun Kissed Sky Necklace: Soft, statement necklace featuring heather grey colored rope, madder root powder and touches of ombre. Available soon!
    • Smile Curve Necklace: Long statement necklace, also made from natural fibers of 100% cotton. Tassel enclosure is wire wrapped with a light, heather grey rope cording that is hand-dyed with madder root to create a soft orange coloring