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    OPI x Dell

    My 2BD put me onto this.. and I just wanted to say this. Corporate trends always always stem from street fashion and street fashion = everything from DIY and multi-faceted inspiration. So when I lost my Blackberry and had to get a cheap temp quick… I picked up this lil LG from Craigslist for $25. I took some blue sparkle nailpolish and added some much needed sparkle to give it life!

    For everyone who laughed at me when I did this:

    … yeah. exactly.

    After the success of Vivienne Tam and HP, OPI and Dell partner to create the OPI Laptop .The slogan: ” Match your nails to your laptop”. Honestly the slogan could have been better , but the concept is fun.The laptops launch next month in the US, in a wide variety of signature OPI colors

    I totally called it 😀

    Send me the Dell Mini Netbook in Kyoto Pearl and maybe i’ll forgive you. *wink*
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    Palm Centro

    You are not a somebody unless you have your Blackberry right? WRONG! For creative sassy types – Palm Treo is the way to go – easy navigation, email, text, talk, touch screen, and alternative underground brands is cooler than cool.

    Check out these new ones they launched for Sprint! If you are thinking of upgrading to a PDA – check out Palm.com + telus for amazing data plans! I have used the Palm Treo 600 back in the day and now 755 from Telus – and LOVE IT. BBerry pinning is unique but Palms are for girls who don’t wait to get pinned – if you know what I mean! Life can’t wait so make it happen.