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    Special Events at CosmoprofAsia

    I was looking forward to see the special project at CosmoprofAsia this year after being so impressed by the nail polish case study by Centdegres in 2016. So I arrived at The Light Powder Room Factory with high expectations! Spanning the two venues and a concreted example of the beauty process from A-Z, I loved how Centegres captured the beauty trend of highlighting, strobing and bronzing in one simple theme: Light.

    I even got my 3D Cotton Candy iridescent sneakers ready for this occasion 🙂 

    It begins at AWE where Pack/OEM/Machine/Ingredients create the palette that tells the story of light.  Here the machines do all the hard work, of grinding, mixing and pressing the powder into the palette.

    Once its passes through here, the batch tray gets sorted and the design gets pressed to the top surface of the powder. Then it is moved by the robotic arm to the conveyor belt in one swift motion. This creates efficiency and precision so that each item created is identical and can pass QC.

    Once it goes down the belt, it is then pressed, closed and complete! You can see on the left corner how the trays looks ready to go into the outer box. Sometimes this will then be inserted into another outer packaging made of card stock so the product is retail ready. In this case, since it was just a demo product, the compact is complete and ready for next steps.

    The ‘Light Powder Factory” is a real installation showing the development and production of a compact powder specailly designed by Centdegres, in collaboration with international suppliers. From making the packing, the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

    The Light Powder is 1 project across 2 venues so off to the next venue we go!

    The Light Powder Experience is awesome.  Similar to the nail experience last year, this installation involved a very cool ‘quiz’ to determine which palette is perfect for you. It has a combination of graphics, photos, quotes, and textures for you to pick. Mine was ‘Forever Light”.

    Then to take it to the next level, the Light Powder Photo Booth playing with light patterns to reveal your true beauty was genius.  Anyone who take photos will tell you ‘lighting is everything!’


    The CosmoAwards showcased the winners of the Innovation Circle Awards. With over 300 nominations, congratulations to all the winners this year. It is worth checking out all of the brands mentioned even if they were runner ups.

    Brings awareness to the immense value that lies in the formulation, technology and packaging design and take in special considerations the new technologies that lie underneath our beauty industries.



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    Best of Cosmoprof Asia: In’pressivenails

    One of the best parts of my Cosmoprof experience was talking in depth with Centdegres. This design agency was in charge of creating a special edition product for Cosmoprof.

    The product was designed from a 5 dimensional point of view. From bottle design, the weight, feel and texture of the packaging to the liquid inside, finish, texture, viscosity, opacity and even the scent.

    Together with Fiabila (fill), Groupe Pochet (packaging), BeautyStreams (Insight), Centdegres (Design) created the in’pressivenails series, a pure object of desire.

    It’s no surprise that the In’pressive Nails Event selected Pantone 206C for me. VITALITY inspired by Pomegranate Syrup💅🌡️🍎 created by Paris creative agency #Centdegres #cosmoprofasia#cosmoprofasia2016

    This impressed me so much! The depth of thought given in creating these products is what sets the best apart from the rest. This outstanding project of innovation is exactly what I love about the beauty industry.

     It also reflects the pain of the industry, where products demand forces brands to churn out products and SKUs that never really make it. I hope In’pressivenails forces beauty innovators to stop and think and force themselves to go deep instead of just fast. It takes time to develop a product that becomes a ‘lovemark’ and not just another product.

    The other thought I had after speaking with Sophie Robbe of Centdegres is the importance of collaboration. Collaborative effort brings the best experts together to create something that defies expectations. It is key for the beauty industry to look at other experts in their field to manifest something great. This project blew my mind!

    Definitely one of the key highlights of Cosmoprof was the privilege to get a first hand look at In’pressivenails. Product development of this magnitude requires time (to ideate and produce), experts (to bring together industry know-how) and distribution (cosmoprof) and of course budget.  But in the ideal world, every product that is produced should come through this process. That way, there will be more key objects of desires created instead of my junkie things, copy cats and poor quality products.

    Hope you get to check out this case study in depth by searching #inpressivenails and through centdegrés and Cosmoprof.