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    ON THE TWELFTH DAY OF XMAS, Play @ChaoticConnect

    Chaotic Connections is a new board game filled with unexpected thrills and frustration for the entire family. Building your road in an attempt to connect at least four major cities on a map of the United States, you’ll find that not everyone along your route is eager to assist you with your travels

    no passport required 🙂

    WHAT WE THOUGHT: Chaotic Connections is a great game of strategy that combines tactic and surprise that’ll bring players back for more. Opponents can easily interfere in your quest to reach your destination with roadblocks and detours, so keep your guard up! Even when you think you’re a shoe-in to win, think again! Victory can be taken from you at the last second just as easily as it came. A helpful tip: befriend your opponents—they tend to gang up on the strongest player!

    Parents will love its strategic appeal and players will love its competitive edge! It’s all part of the fun and frustration that makes Chaotic Connections so enjoyable. So, bring back family game night with Chaotic Connections, a fun and new board game for the ages!

    You can find this game to purchase at your local toy store or on the Chaotic Connections website 🙂