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    Pollution Masks in China… As Fashion?

    Hi all, I need to apologize for being MIA in the last two months! Unfortunately, reading and writing papers in Chinese is really taking a toll on my sleep cycle and stress levels. It also doesn’t help that the construction workers are working on a subway system right in front of my dorm. In China, there are no regulations that ban them from using jackhammers at 2 a.m. But anyway, I digress…

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    I wanted to write a post about the latest fashion trend in Nanjing and Shanghai: pollution masks also known as 口罩. In the last week, pollution levels in several cities in China soared past 400 (pollution is usually at about 100-150 in Nanjing). When I first moved to China, I thought the masks were unnecessary, but last week the air was so bad that it made my eyes itch and you could physically feel the particles in the air. I thought that pollution was nothing to freak out about until I experienced all of this. At school, everyone was talking about different models of filters and designer mask brands.  One of my American professors even wore a $75 pollution mask during the entire class. Another professor talked about the supply and demand of products that pollution would cause: one of the more well-known brands of masks called 3M sold out on Taobao last week. Below are some images of the popular things sold amid the pollution frenzy.

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    China Guest blogger: Meet Nicole, the Ultimate Fashion Lover

    Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I am very excited to be a new guest blogger at heydoyou. Yvonne and I met this summer while I was working for an online jewelry company called BaubleBar. We had been in contact since then and now I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to write for such a great blog!


    Ten things about myself:

    1. I am half-American and half-Filipino.

    2. I grew up all over South East Asia (mainly in Hong Kong and Singapore).

    3. As of this past May, I am a Vassar College alum with a degree in Asian Studies.

    4. I will continue to study Sino-American relations at a Johns Hopkins graduate program in Nanjing, China soon.

    5. I love fashion so much that two of my classmates and I started a personal style blog featuring our friends at Vassar called The College Catalogue. Since I have already graduated from college, it only seems right to graduate from managing this blog by moving on to new things!

    6. So…in the next coming months, I plan to merge my interests in China and fashion by blogging about cultural trends seen in Nanjing and Shanghai. I hope to share some of my exciting adventures and interesting stories with you all.

    7. I have a terrible case of food envy. Whenever someone is eating anything that looks good, I have to eat it too.

    8. My other weakness is shoes. Oh my god do I love shoes. I can never get enough!

    9. I’m currently obsessed with Lianne La Havas since I saw her perform at Central Park this summer.

    10. I spill on myself. A lot.