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    Harnessing the healing power of the past and the proven science of the present, ChudaHealing Hydrating Cream is your skin’s future. A first-ever formula rooted in the centuries-old, skin-healing Remedea Compoundand boosted by the most scientifically advanced, medical-grade actives, it’s clinically proven to deeply hydrate and to help rapidly heal dry, damaged and compromised skin.

    Created by Dr. Elena Ocher, a Georgian-born neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist and leading pain management specialist in New York City, the story of Chuda dates back centuries, when Princess Medea of Colchis learned of the remarkable medicinal benefits of flowers and herbs. Inspired by Medea, the Turmanidze family of Georgia continued the practice of natural healing and created a powerful medicinal compound that rapidly healed wounded skin. The extraordinary healing power of the compound spread. The Georgian royal family relied on it to cure ailments. Doctors in Georgia and Russia used it in practice, as did military medics to heal wounded soldiers with great success. Over time, the Turmanidze family created a product line featuring the compound, later to be called the Remedea Compound, with distribution in Russia and Georgia.

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    Dr. Ocher grew up using the compound at home and as a doctor in the Russian navy. Passionate about its healing properties, she believed it was something that could benefit more people. Granted exclusive permission by the Turmanidze to utilize the compound, Dr. Ocher teamed up with a world-renowned chemist to create a groundbreaking skincare line.

    By combining the time-honored Remedea Compoundwith the most scientifically advanced, medical-grade actives, ChudaHealing Hydrating Cream is the only known skincare to authentically fuse the past with the present. The synergy created by the active ingredients, along with the Remedea Compound, accelerates skin healing by creating the perfect environment for the skin to heal itself. Skin receives the optimal blend of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids needed to return it to its healthiest state—smooth, soft, supple, radiant.



    Born in Georgia and raised in Russia, Dr. Elena Ocher originally had her sights set on a career as a concert pianist; only a diagnosis of tendinitis charted a new course. On the recommendation of her father, at the young age of 16, she applied to medical school and was accepted to the prestigious Pavlov First St. Petersburg Medical Academy. There, she spent six years training as a general surgeon, which included medical service in the Russian Navy. She later furthered her training to include neurosurgery. A medical fellowship brought Dr. Ocher to the United States, where she continued her education in some of New York City’s top hospitals. She received her medical license in anesthesiology and pain management from Montefiore Medical Center University Hospital of Albert Einstein Medical School, graduating with an Award of Excellence in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia.

    In 2001, she founded Dr. Elena Ocher Medical, a private practice specializing in pain management, migraines and nerve system disorders. Dr. Ocher’s thoughtful approach and trusted patient relationships has made her one of the foremost pain management specialists in the New York City area. She has received numerous honors throughout her career and is affiliated with several esteemed medical societies. A brilliant diagnostician, Dr. Ocher’s medical acumen has helped thousands of patients successfully find relief. She believes the skin offers great insight into a patient’s total health and is often the first sign of a more serious medical condition. Diagnosing and treating a number of skin issues in her practice, she repeatedly relies on one specific treatment to heal the skin while treating the underlying condition—the Remedea Compound. A time-tested, medicinal compound used for centuries to heal wounded skin, Dr. Ocher grew up using the Remedea Compoundto heal cuts and soothe abrasions. As a medic in the Russian Navy, she relied on its remarkable antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal burns and severe lacerations of wounded soldiers. Passionate about its healing properties, she believed the compound was something that could benefit more people. Granted exclusive permission by the Turmanidze family to utilize the compound, Dr. Ocher teamed up with a worldrenowned chemist to create Chuda: the first-ever skincare to combine the time honored Remedea Compoundwith the most scientifically advanced, medical grade actives.





    A 1000 year-old medicinal remedy used for centuries in Russia and Georgia to heal the skin. It was created by the Turmandize family of Georgia in the early 1800s and utilizes natural ingredients that grow atop the breathtaking Caucasian mountain range in Georgia. While the compound’s ingredients are publicly noted, their exact concentration and method of formulation is a guarded family secret, passed down from generation to generation, and never revealed to a single outsider.


    Boosting the effectiveness of the Remedea Compoundis a highly concentrated, scientifically advanced formula powered by the highest quality, medical grade actives in their purest and most potent form. Among just a few of the active ingredients:

    • CROSS LINKED SODIUM HYLAURONATE: Attracts and binds up to 5000 times its weight in water— five times greater than traditional hyaluronic acid.
    • DROMECIUS OIL: Delivers a high concentration of essential fatty acids without the typical irritation of plant-based sources.
    • ALLANTOIN: Supports wound healing by stimulating the growth of healthy new tissue.
    • PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE: Penetrates the skin more effectively and stimulates a more rapid rebuild of collagen.
    • VITAMINS: Stabilized forms of vitamins B, C and D provide maximum antioxidant protection and promote skin repair and renewal.

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    In a controlled clinical study, severely compromised skin showed significant improvement in hydration, redness and swelling one hour after application, and continued to see improvement hours later. Skin also showed a significant reduction in transepidermal water loss at one, two and four hours after application. Additionally, the cream provided significant protection from environmental aggressors.


    Best applied morning and night. Ideal for dry, damaged and compromised skin, or skin experiencing loss of radiance, abrasions, sunburn, windburn, chapping or flaking, blistering, or tenderness from non-invasive cosmetic producure. Safe for highly sensitive skin.

    CHUDAHYDRATING HEALING CREAM is available beginning February 1 exclusively at www.chudaskincare.com.

    Chuda is the Russian translation for ‘miracle.’

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.chudaskincare.com.

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    One Last Winter Skin Remedy – Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream

    Look like winter is not quite finished with us yet!

    Scan 190With temperatures dropping to the low 30’s today, our skin is likely to be thrown completely out of whack!

    Winter weather traumatizes skin, leaving it red, dry and chapped. I am currently working with an exciting new beauty client that will remedy all of the winter weather damage, and get your skin ready for Spring!


    Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream was created from the remedea compound with ingredients found in the mountains of Georgia, a Turmanidz family secret passed down for generations, tracing back over a 1000 years. It was used throughout history to treat traumatized skin wounds, including on the battlefield; and, amongst many other household uses, is effective in soothing burns, sunburn, windburn, etc. Chuda has now been made available to the outside world for the FIRST time ever to prominent NYC-based physician Dr. Elena Ocher. After hiring a top notch chemist to combine original Turmanidz age-old compound with medical grade, state-of-the-art ingredients, Chuda was created and has already been medically proven to heal skin in just hours by creating a deep penetrating “healing dome”.
    32ff6728-3357-4544-a90a-a8f6037f1d19Pristine skin mavens like, Lily-Rose Depp and Katie Couric grabbed up as much as they could to heal their wind-kissed faces at Sundance. Making Chuda the “must have” product in your beauty arsenal.

    CHUDATM HYDRATING HEALING CREAM is available beginning February 1 exclusively at www.chudaskincare.com. Chuda is the Russian translation for ‘miracle.’

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.chudaskincare.com.