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    ck one

    simple – fresh – light – modern – confident – universal – easy – cool

    Whenever I smell ck one – I start thinking of my good friend Judy and the mini vile (with the leather string) she gave me. We were BFF’s before the term existed and she is in U.K. now in med school!

    So ck one is coming back in 2009! I was so excited that HeyDoYou’s March Giveaway will be a FULL SIZE limited edition bottle of ck one for the best story AND ck one T-shirt for the best photo. Comment and send photos to yvonne@heydoyou.com

    no matter the language we speak, differences in age, race, gender or culture, we are one. join ck one by coming together in the spirit of unity through the common language of music.

    ck one was the world’s first shared fragrance and the biggest fragrance launch of all time 15 years ago.

    ck one always has and continues now, to inspire confidence and encourage a connection with others, being part of a group.

    ck one is accessible, universal and easy to wear.

    ck one is inspired by a social movement of people coming together across geography, gender and culture. so, our goal on this page is to engage fans from nearly every country in the world.

    “I use to wear this when I was 16 and i thought I was the coolest guy in the world. I was the S$%(*… It’s true.”Ken Masters

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