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    A lot of people have been commenting on my nailpolish so I decided to share this with you. It’s not essie, its not OPI, not Sally Hansen… its not even from Shoppers Drug Mart! It’s from Claire’s. I am the kind of person who will shop any and everywhere to find great items such as this. This is a ‘patent pending’ product called Mixables. They dry within 30seconds and dries matte. I put a coat of 101A White Lights Glitter from NYC to make mine glossy. The first one is layered (from top to bottom) flamingo pink, sunset orange and fierce fushia. It comes out as a orangey pink like those bristol boards you can buy for your science fair project. The second one is layered (from top to bottom) BestBuy Blue, mollymaid pink and then grape juice purple. This one comes out as a blue purple that’s vibrant and has that extra kick. The third one I found on Nailgal is lime green, highlighter yellow and beyonce blue. I guess it comes out neon green like that photo.

    It doesnt come out marble-ly or shimmery like normal nailpolish you can get – but this is kinda cool because it dries very fast, doesn’t really chip and gives you an excuse to go to Claire’s again!

    Show me your nails!

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    “Oops I’m a go
    Nails like whoa
    Acrylic base
    Top all gold
    Colors on my nails
    To the paint on my toes
    Stay fresh cuz i’m from the go”

    KidSister ft. Kanye West