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    Rock ON!

    “Clothes Make the Man is like a group of loud mouthed kids yelling into microphones alongside cranked up amplifiers and pounding drums… except with beards and deeper voices.” ha ha ha
    These guys are a riot!! love it!

    As you’ve probably noticed I love ALL kinds of music. I can go from Lil Wayne to Britney like that *snaps* and Katy Perry to J. Cole  in a split second so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with Clothes Make The Man (CMTM). But even though I love the name of this group, I hope their not referring to the dresses they have on in the pic above lol. I still love that they can have fun with it! 

    It’s time’s like these that make me want to climb to the the roof top and shout “Thank You Audioblood Media for all the great music *thanks Sari!*” all the great CANADIAN music that is. There’s so much talent in this country, it’s time we sold out Canadian shows, with CANADIAN artists… 
    Seeing as we’re on the topic of great Canadian artists, let’s talk about CMTM; a band comprised of four super enthusiastic and masterful songwriters/rockstars. Famous for their raging rock anthems which vary in topics such as the economy, alcohol, girls, and even schizophrenia. They’ve toured all over Canada, and shared the stage with The Dears, Malajube, Cancer Bats and many more!
    Have a listen to these guys, they’re onto something 🙂
    You know I always have that
    myspace for ya!
    so raw, but delicate enough for those just discovering the wonderful world of Rock! Airloom and Telescopes and WMD are my faves! sooo ipod worthy!
    ps: they’ll also be performing at the Jingle Bell Rock event December 12th! @ The Horseshoe Tavern: 368 Queen st W. $7. 9pm: Come out and support your local Canadian talent 🙂