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    Time for Tryst

    If Mink Nightclub is the party girl who dances all night in lucite heels and a mini skirt, then you have to meet her sister from out of town! Tryst, inspired by Vegas superclub with the same name – is Toronto’s newest hot spot.

    This is the Mink’s sister club and is that sexy older sister with the pencil skirt and heels. If you are tired of the college clubs and want a professional chic vibe, check out Tryst. It’s the King Street Blackberry crowd meets Richmond’s electric vibe. Tryst is the club for the nights you feel grown.

    The bartenders are hot, the venue is classy -maybe its time to trade the bottle blonde for the mysterious brunette – maybe it’s time to enjoy a club where you won’t run into your booty call, for now.

    PS: See what ‘Tryst’ means here