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    Cocaine Tourism???

    “Tonight we have two types of cocaine; normal for 100 Bolivianos a gram, and strong cocaine for 150 [Bolivianos] a gram.” – Waiter taking orders at Route 36. La Paz, Bolivia.

    “There is more interest and and investment in purifying coca paste here and exporting it, rather than sending it to Colombia for purification.” Oscar Nina, Bolivia’s top anti-drug official
    I don’t even know why I was surprised when I heard about this place. But it’s still kinda crazy that there’s actually a cocaine lounge out there… several cocaine lounges. I mean sure I’ve heard about places where you can get your vape on but Cocaine??? *not judging anyone btw lol*
    La Paz, Bolivia is home to the most famous bar in all of South America: Route 36, the world’s first cocaine lounge. Described as a “moveable feast”, Route 36 is known to move all over the place; “One day it is in one zone and then it pops up in another area”. And is mostly favored mostly by the backpacker crowd.
    They say the birth of the new trend of “Cocaine Tourism” stems from “…a combination of Bolivia’s notoriously corrupt public officials, the chaotic “anything goes” attitude of La Paz, and the national example of President Evo Morales.” (Who himself is a Coca grower! I mean the President’s doing it! So…)

    Even though Cocaine is illegal in Bolivia, Route 36 is rapidly becoming an essential spot for thousands of tourists from all over the world. At €15 a gram, Bolivia’s cocaine is famous for it’s availability, price, and purity. I can see why people would enjoy this kinda thing, as people love getting high whether it’s with alcohol/marijuana/etc, but are we forgetting that cocaine torches your brain??? It’s highly addictive, destructive and easy to abuse… soooo??? It’s like taking a drug to relieve heartburn, but it’ll also give you gas, bloating, a rash, head aches… Get my drift? I don’t know, I guess people are just “”living life,” *blank stare, has anyone seen “Crackheads Gone Wild?” Yeah. turns to walk away, still not convinced* lol

    “Stopping cocaine tourism in La Paz could be as difficult as keeping Americans from drinking during prohibition.”
    “Everyone knows about this place,” says Jonas, a backpacker who arrived two days earlier. “My mate came to Bolivia last year and he said, ‘Route 36 is the best lounge in all of South America.'” Crazeeeee!
    *hugs & kisses*