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    It’s Your At-Home Brunch Dream Come True with BOMANI COLD BUZZ

    Your New Favorite Female-Led Alcoholic Beverage:
    Meet BOMANI Cold Buzz

    A bad ass woman has never been stopped by a challenge. Rather they see it as an opportunity, which is exactly what Shirin Behzadi is doing entering the world of spirits, a predominantly male run industry, as she introduces the world to BOMANI Cold Buzz.

    BOMANI Cold Buzz is an alcohol-infused cold brew coffee. Challenging the status quo, the BOMANI team found the top chemists, flavorists and experts in the world to create the perfect drink to complement the busy lifestyle. After her son began mixing coffee or other caffeinated chasers with alcohol to find energy after the long weeks, they decided that consumers deserved something better than high-calorie espresso martinis or shots chased with laboratory-made synthetic energy drinks, they felt it was up to them to make something healthier, more convenient and delicious. There BOMANI was born, featuring only 110 calories, zero carbs, 0g sugar and gluten free.

    It’s 2020. It’s time for equal gender representation within the alcohol world. Shirin, a woman of color with an incredibly successful background in helping businesses achieve their desired growth (which landed her on the cover of Forbes), came into BOMANI as their main advisor. In quarantine alone, she has helped grow the company to where it is today, with their success being covered across industry media including Forbes, People, Thrillist and more.


    BOMANI COLD BUZZ is Infused by delicious 100% Arabica cold brew coffee with clean, naturally gluten-free alcohol. At only 110 calories, 0g carbs, 0g sugar, and as much naturally-occurring caffeine as just over a half a cup of coffee, you won’t feel guilty enjoying the liquid gold that’s inside this can. In creating this all-new product, the purpose is: to empower individuals who, like BOMANI’s team, challenge the status quo.

    Challenging the status quo is not supposed to be easy. BOMANI believes that you deserve to be able to work toward your purpose without sacrificing your social life or physical health.

    So let BOMANI reward your hustle, energize your night, spark your brunch, and amplify your festival weekend.
    BOMANI Cold Buzz: you deserve it.