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    Tuesday – Cole Movie Reception

    Tuesday started off with a boom and a bam! Took Jacob to the vet in the morning for a check up, PS Dr Kent is the ish if you are looking for the best clinic in Toronto. I really love the social nature of this city. You can’t walk down the street without seeing at least 5 people u want to hug.

    Strolling along the fashionable Queen Street West, I saw this amazing outfit. Loves it!

    It’s fashion week every week in my world.
    Then we were off to the Spoke Club for the Cole Movie reception, hosted by CityVIP.

    The lovely Bella & Shay of HeyDoYou and Shannae of WWW

    A mixed and diverse crowd with an appreciation for film, wine and good company

    White after Labour Day, hells ya! Rules are for _______…. well not us!
    Then we popped by Ultra to say hello, sorry Nicholas Cage that we didnt get to say hi ^_^ but we did get to say happy birthday to Mike Steele! And then to Circa to see what SnoopDoggyDog was saying: